Thursday, January 8, 2009


First, an alert and heads up from US "Homeland INsecurity."
For those living in the US, OUR Fascist/Nazi assault on your miniscule national government retirement program, Social Security and Medicare, called "entitlement programs," here, first created under Roosevelt's New Deal, will be under attack and slowly dismantled in favor of privatization by our new "progressive" Nazi Obooma Administration.

The Republicans did not dismantle it. Instead, the Nazi Obooma Administration will.
Yesterday, Obooma introduced his brand new "efficiency czarina" who, according to them/him/her, will streamline government waste, mismanagement, etc, or, to paraphrase,
"Mussolini made the trains run on time."
And, here is our latest Mussolini efficiency Czarina:

But, Citigroup, the largest private benefactor of BILLIONS in taxpayer largesse, is about to get BILLIONS MORE from their CIA purchased BOY in the White House.


On this last note, thanks to Illinois Governor Blagoyevich, Obooma's Administration is already in disarray. His Administration is internally torn apart by competing and conflicting factions and interests to whom they are beholden, both here and abroad. It parallels events abroad.

At the moment, questions are being asked as to why Leon Panetta, for example, was chosen CIA Director.
Everybody knows the guy is a lightweight.

And, Congressional hearings on most/many of these appointments yet to come, which are likely to be contentious, while Blagoyevich's trial will open a cornucopia of further exposes and scandals.

And our collaborative Autoworkers union leadership is about to deliver on a silver platter to this Fascist dictatorship a completely moribund, dead, supine, previously Communist led and organized, historic, militant, trade union, since coopted many times to render it impotent, unless the rank and file does something else about it:

They must be taken OUT of the private sector, completely.
The inverse of what is happening.

It is patently absurd that natural resources can possibly be privatized, owned, traded by any one person, group or set of individuals ANYWHERE.
Even without Marx, one can easily understand and grasp this concept.
These resources belong to NO ONE person or set of individuals.
They are as the sea, the air we breath, water, etc.
They are the basic building blocks of all industry.
ALL natural resources belong to everyone, everywhere, encompassing the indigenous populations from whom they were privatized in the first place and the slave labor and impoverished, industrial working class who built our heavy industries.
Without LABOR no value is added.
LABOR, as a whole, owns what it collectively creates.
Without labor, society comes to a standstill and so does wealth creation, represented in commodified money.
And, privatized land is another part of this patently absurd lunacy.

As for the next explosion in the many unfolding contradictions from Iraq Pandora's Box comes Iraq's provincial elections in January.
This/that will be the next, soon to come, explosion, which confronts directly Iran's Fascist Islamic clerical regime, their militias, their influence in Iraq and throughout the region.
ALL the above developments stand BEHIND the events unfolding in Gaza.
Israel is merely a surrogate in this larger, regional struggle.
Gaza is the opening salvo in the mopping up, regime change and congruency scenario, as I have said many, many times over.

The Palestanians are collatoral damage, as is everybody else in this process, in this Nazi resurgence and power struggle, which, I add, has been helped along by most EVERYBODY with vested interests to gain.
Israel IS in Gaza for the above reasons and not leaving anytime soon.
On the contrary.
And, I fully anticipate further regional military expansion, conflicts and confrontations as part of mopping up, regime change and congruency.

Stuff like the following, a drive by political assassination, for example, happens in former Iraq all the time, but, Americans, for the most part, know nothing.
Again, just one of many, too numerous to itemize:

AND DO NOT FORGET MUNTADAR AL-ZAIDI, tortured, languishing in prison, whose shoes were thrown BOTH at Bush and Maliki, representing BOTH Iran and the KRG, in turn now competing with each other and with Turkey's military.

As for Gaza, Israel, the West Bank and a two, three or one hundred state solution.
Following from the above, how about a ONE state solution?
How about a socialist, secular Palestine with all its resources nationalized and integrated into the broader, re-nationalized Middle East?
One can liquidate the Zionist state of Israel WITHOUT pushing everybody in it into the sea.
There's no question a solution can be found WITHIN THE ABOVE CONTEXT.
The corollary--NO ISLAMIC STATES.
All else escalates a strategy of tension, division and confrontation facilitating one or the other regional private interests.
Greater regional economic integration, COLLABORATION, COOPERATION is a fine idea, as it was in the USSR and the Pan-Arab Socialist arrangement.
But, NOT its antithesis, PRIVATIZED, imperialist expansion and rivalries, Fascist religious states that assist them in their policies of tension, escalation, militarization.
This MUST be rejected and opposed, on all sides.
By everyone. Otherwise, we are all doomed.

And following, Turkey's Fascist, reactionary ISLAMIC AKP PRIVATIZING dictatorship MUST BE OPPOSED AND DISMANTLED and its opposition supported.
Here's more on Turkey's horrific AKP as they are busy arresting all their opposition, making deals with the IMF, and, as well, with Fascist Iran:

Additionally, another military confrontation and escalation appears to be in the making in Greece.
I am not an advocate of Anarchism or Nihilism.
I consider both to be a reflection of social alienation.
I just consider them/it the inevitable creative expression and outcome of an attempt to fill a negative political and economic void/vacuum, a lack of social value, usefulness, integration, dignity, etc, when all other political actors have relegated their historical roles.

Furthermore, as everybody appears to be talking about corrupt Arab regimes, again, nobody seems to be bothered by the above, OR, the role of the Arab GCC speculative PRIVATIZING bubble.

And from the unacknowledged, unrecognized core of the center of this privatizing enterprise, the GCC, another all star studded cast of speakers representing the many INTERNATIONAL interests involved in the above Fascist enterprise at their Future Capitals Summit in January:

And, of course, more on Abraaj and the many overlapping directorates of Hamid Jafar with Abraaj, Dana Gas,

And the ever expanding Dana Gas, UAE with their connections to Iran:

In conclusion, in deference to the Palestinian blood being spilled for the lechers and parasites above, I am linking to what is considered more or less a "cult" classic or genre movie made in 1960, "Little Shop of Horrors." I have made reference to it in past blogs.

If you have not seen it, the entire movie is available, apparently, on youtube in 8 sections of 10 minutes each. I do not plan to do a movie review, here.

It can be analyzed many different ways, I'm sure. Dark humor. Parable. Film noir. And so on. But here and now is not the appropriate time and place for an extensive discussion about a movie. I just think it's apropo.

So, I selected, first, Part 3, because it gives one a good sense of the subject matter of the movie, if you have not seen it. Afterwards, I then provided a direct link to Part One and you can follow through all 8 sections to its chilling climax if you so wish.

So, Part 3, first:

Then, Part 1:

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