Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The following article about Obooma and his possible CIA connections came to me inadvertently.

To me there is nothing especially surprising in it, since anyone in any official/authoritative government position in the US is de facto vetted and part of our criminal, Nazi Establishment.
NOBODY from outside gets inside. Period.

Furthermore, IF any investigative researcher or reporter actually bothered to document BOTH Obooma's shitty career in Chicago, Illinois AND the tactics he/they/his campaign utilized during the Democratic Primary and caucuses, Obooma's entire ball of fictional wax would unravel.
I am unable to do such a job, since that requires lots of time, resources, interviews, etc.
It can't be done solely through access to the internet.

Of course, our Nazi Establishment has NO interest in such an expose, obviously, or they would have done so in the first place and NOT perpetuated the mythical Obooma candidacy. Circular logic. Self-perpetuating coverups.
So, the article about Obooma and the CIA:


And, then, as part of the best government money can buy alittle from the sponsors of our upcoming $27 million Nazi coronation extravaganza and another Hitler rally, ranging, of course, from Obooma's largest corporate sponsor, the ever ubiquitous Citigroup to Hollywood, some others and some from the great "peace loving," non-violent, pacifist religious American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) PRIVATE school that the great love-me-I'm-liberal Obooma's children will be attending.

I think this nicely encapsulates the wide range of hypocrisy and pinnacle of self-serving rationalization when one lives in Fascist sell-out and sell-off USA Disneyland.

Also, coincidentally, someone from the Muppets. Curious, since I always thought they should use a Muppet for President.
I guess they bought one, after all--a live one:


And, just as a followup in matters related, not that my fellow Americans would/could possibly relate the above with the following, if they could we would not be in the state we are in, the US Dow Chemical Corporation is SUING the Kuwaiti government regarding their recently nixed joint petrochemical venture.
I had assumed they would not be allowed to rest.
It sets a bad precedent.
There are a multitude of articles about the nixed Dow-K petrochemical joint venture.
I chose the following two links in case you needed or wanted to read something.
Many other sources available, however:


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