Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The following about Obooma's upcoming Nazi coronation speaks for itself, peddling "The Influence Game":


The following is a statement regarding another, second occupation of a Greek labor office.
That which is said below about the Greek labor unions could be expressed many, many more times over for EVERYONE here and our completely corrupt, collaborative, anti-Communist, Fascist, mafia led trade union movement and our fake foundation and state sponsored Left allied with Obooma's Nazi Citigroup dictatorship:


And, the following from India says it blunt and clear, unlike the intellectual gymnastics and apologetics here.
The only factual error they make below is the pejorative statement attributed to Hillary in the Democratic primaries.
It was, instead, OBOOMA, who made snide and racist remarks about the white working class and indeed has run his entire campaign based on fake Racism, not much different from how similiar categories are utilized and exploited in the Middle East:


Americans MUST, MUST, MUST UNITE to block this obscene, multibillion dollar Fascist Obooma tax subsidy, giveaway and bailout plan!
This is an unparalled, gargantuan, historic swindle and ripoff!!
NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to Fascist Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and all the others.
Circumvent and ignore the fake Left and Opposition here.
Stop using Gaza, Israel, Hamas, Palestine as excuses.
Take your protest to the streets, to public offices, confront your labor unions, politicians.
Virtually no one in this country supports this bailout and this tawdry, obscene Democratic mob in the White House.
Almost complete and total unanimity exists.
Yet, militant actions are completely missing, no organizing, NOTHING!!!
Political paralysis.
Deafening silence from our fake Opposition, state and foundation supported Left, collaborative unions, armpieces and extensions of the Democratic mafia machine.

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