Friday, January 30, 2009


The following small hypocrisy roundup speaks for itself.

In Nazi Obooma/Citigroup Alice-in-Wonderland Nation, "Billions More Needed for Financial Meltdown...":

And, "Citigroup's Parsons Pleads for Stimulus":


And more on our Citigroup President's Trillion Dollar Gift and Tax Bonanza. They just can't figure out if it will "work," anyway. But, hey, who cares? See any US of Assholes and Suckers out in the street protesting or on strike?:

And, "Meet the New Bailout, Same as the Old Bailout..."

"...Meet the new bailout, which is essentially the same as the old bailout in that it continues to protect shareholders and existing management and the "sanctity" of private firms at the expense of taxpayers....

...This plan is similar to the structure of the government's second bailout of Citigroup, whereby the bank got $20 billion of capital and the government guaranteed 90% of losses on $306 billion in troubled mortgage assets..."


Moving offshore, Citibank Kuwait Derivates Workshop. Don't do it here, any longer. Offshore now:

Then, ExxonMobil Profits UP, i.e, Rockefeller.

Remember Exxon?

One of the major energy companies Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin opposed in Alaska NEVER discussed in the US Presidential campaign:

More amongst voluminous political killings and assassinations in Iraq:;_ylt=AvPvKkZRdQMv8DchaPDPFoQLewgF

And putative Democratic Representative "Peace Candidate," Dennis Kucinich, and Obooma continue their/his Baltic Caucus and Victims of Communism, Heritage Foundation activities, such as this most recent regarding Latvia with many more activities to come:

Meanwhile, the empty-headed, vacuous, totally IMPOTENT Nazi/Citigroup Obooma puppet comes out and sputters meaningless platitudes and utter nonsense and garbage his handlers provide him while the US and the world spin into chaos around them.
He does not have a clue by himself what to do.
I have said from the beginning Nazi/Citigroup Obooma is a disposable, dispensible, throwaway frontman and candidate.
He may be sacrificed very soon at this rate.

Finally, I think from now until Obooma's demise I will end each and every blog with my previous entry about what we do not have and will not get:

And, be sure, as well, to note my other, more extensive entry, today, just below this one, about the Iranian, Israeli Pipeline Company, Turkey, Deutsche Bank, etc...

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