Friday, January 9, 2009


In my previous blog of January 3, 2009, to which I will link for reference, subsequently, I posted information widely available at the time from my initial June 2007 entry regarding the first Gaza-Israel war, which, as I claimed at the time, revolved around financial conflicts between the BG-PA/EMG-Israel gas deal.

Now, please understand, the information on ALL my blogs is publicly sourced so that anyone, everyone can reference it, which is why I use it.
I have no secret, inside sources.

So, I am delighted when others add to my blog either with further, verifiable information, or, a new or slightly different hypothesis with evidence and/or reproduce the blog in full.

However, I really encourage everyone as an exercise to read the following new article on the Gaza gas deal which was posted only NOW, not in June 2007, and after my January 3 entry, AND contrast and compare to ALL the information on MY previous blog entry, from June 2007.

I repeat, I am more than happy, delighted, when others pick up an important story. That's why I do the blog.
That and for my own clarity and reference.
But, one must be a careful consumer of information.

For example, from MY previous blog entry, June 2007, I had a link on it to the following article, from 2005, which you should read VERY CAREFULLY INCLUDING the IMPORTANT EXPLANATION in the comment section below:

As I hope you will see, the above explanation reads quite DIFFERENTLY than that in the following article about the Gaza Gas deal.

There are further details, names, specifics in MY blog, Sam Zell, for example, to which you should pay close attention as you read it, omitted in the following.

I hope it is understood and I try to emphasize that MY research, postings, are certainly not as comprehensive as I would prefer them to be due to limited time and resources.

So, piecing together THE MOST comprehensive, regional, international, geopolitical-economic contextualization, following through ALL the many financial interconnections and their numerous implications, would require much MORE than what I can do in my blog.

I can only highlight and focus on certain facts which I deem THE most important ones.

Thus, I am always happy when someone ADDS to what I have done to give an ever greater, more comprehensive, geostrategic, economic analysis.

When someone KNOWINGLY SUBTRACTS, DELETES, OMITS information, I question the purpose.

So, keep the above in mind and first read the following article and its explanation and then, afterwards, my former blog entry, attentive to ALL the information, links, facts, etc.
And compare and contrast with the explanation given below.
One caveat, the map, below, is a nice one:

And, now, for MY January 3, 2009 blog entry on the same subject. The June, 2007 reprint about the Gaza Gas Deal begin approximately half way down the blog entry in bold heading:

More to come at another time.

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