Saturday, January 24, 2009


This time, I thought, I would begin with good news and resistance.

So, for those living in the hapless and hopeless US Nazi State of our Lady of Perpetual Hope and Change who get NO information whatsoever, here's alittle something inspirational about change and hope from both Greece and Iceland.

Protests Resume in Athens:

And, a short video from the BBC:

And, after continued, militant opposition and resistance, in addition, Icelanders have managed to topple their existing government and call for new elections. But, they have NOT stopped with what they call a partial victory:

The above is news "they" do NOT want you to hear.

(On a personal aside. I always flew Icelandic Airlines to Europe. If ever again I fly to Europe, I will be sure to use Icelandic. Unless, I sail or swim.)

Instead, back home at US Nazi headquarters and their Fascist collaborators, everybody postures hopelessly and meaninglessly about Israel, Gaza and Iran, while Iran holds a Global Financial Investment Conference on their Free Trade Zone of Kish Island:

And, as a brief reminder of the role played by Iran's Kish Island Free Trade Zone and the CONTINUOUS hypocrisy represented by ALL those above, here's something from my previous blog from August, 2005 on the earlier connections of Halliburton, Cheney, Iran and Oriental Oil Kish:

And Turkey's equally nauseating, sickening, Fascist AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," in addition to their scheduled, upcoming IMF "loan," continues their passion by selling Ankara's electricity grid, the Sabanci family, partnered with Citigroup, mentioned below, as well:

Of course, Turkey's enormous OPPOSITION, historic, militiant demonstrations and strikes against the AKP, their policies of privatization and psuedo-Islamic repression received NO, absolutely NO, support, attention or mention from ANYONE here, except my lonely, little blog.

So, all you hypocrites can go to hell and hopefully off to war to die, exactly what you deserve. The more Americans who die the better.

Which is exactly what is going to happen as the US gears up for further action in Afghanistan, Iraq, Eurasia, Africa and god knows where else to defend America's, oligarchic Nazi imperial interests.

Americans are not the only ones, however.

Next in line to join an enlarging NATO ally and partner, Finland:,finland-to-keep-nato-option-open.html

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to war we all go!!

Additionally, as I forecast, Nazi attacks have begun on what remains of our limited public institutions and their counter-revolutionary, anti-Communist, mafia led, collaborative labor unions who helped elect our current Fuhrer in the first place, as the US Nazi Ship of State with whom they have collaborated sinks to the bottom of a deep historical ocean like the Titanic. More coming:

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