Monday, January 5, 2009


I know there's something wrong when I must reread my own blogs in order to distinguish fact from fiction.

First, I have something to say to ALL the various and sundry FAKE Left and OPPORTUNIST Opposition groupings, from the Trotskyites to the ANSWER coalition to our American, foundation, state sponsored UFPJ who are making lots of noise at the moment:


Say it loud and clear.
Do not say it lightly.
Take your moral outrage and shove it up your asses.
They have been amongst the foremost enablers of this process, in conjunction with our main culprits, our Fascist led labor unions.
If you feel compelled to participate with any of them, do so under your own umbrella, agenda and DEMANDS. Organize independently.
Be aware and go in with eyes wide open.
Do NOT, under any circumstances, do NOT follow their leadership.
(I will add something about this later).

Not once in all the material currently spewing forth about Gaza and Israel is IRAN and Iran's utterly genocidal, barbaric, sectarian, Nazi, Islamic policies and destructive, horrible role in de-nationalizing and depopulating Iraq and throughout the Middle East and Eurasia MENTIONED, much less opposed, with whom ALL, above, have collaborated both as conduits and apologists!!!
Not once.

It is a litany of the criminal Arab, US and Israeli regimes, which, of course, they are. God knows how many blogs I have had on this subject which is open for all to see.

But, without the COLLABORATION of Iran's barbaric, psuedo-religious, Islamic Fundamentalists, criminal Nazi Islamic militias, torture tactics and many Fascist front organizations, the others COULD NOT win in Iraq, much less elsewhere. As well as Turkey's privatizing AKP.

So, below, Iraq/Iran's Maliki is once more in Iran, getting his revised instructions and marching orders, no doubt.
But, there's a different scenario, now.

What I said in previous blogs about mopping up, regime change and congruency regarding Iraq/Iran is absolutely true and accurate.

Gaza is/was the opening salvo in this necessary process to achieve regional economic integration, congruency and privatized transformation.

In other words, a privatized Iran under auspices of the ubiquitous Morgan Stanley, the First Persia Fund AND their many international and Iranian cohorts and friends.
The Iranian Mullahs no more THE dominant controlling force within Iran.
I expect Iran to soon pronounce they are "liberalizing" and Ahmadimoron and friends finished. Iran will be having elections, soon.

The Islamic movement is DEAD!
Its historical anti-Soviet, anti-Communist function and evolution finished, as in Afghanistan/Pakistan, Chechnya, etc.
These counter-revolutionary, Fascist, obscenely criminal "freedom fighters" have outlived their usefulness.

And, with them Hamas and Hezbollah as power brokers, agents, either for themselves and/or Iran and/or the greater Middle East.
Their sponsorship is drying up.

With clear pre-agreement from US, Arab and other regional countries, such as Russia, Israel is the surrogate doing the dirty work for them all in Gaza and thus the criminal Iranian regime can distance itself, save face, have plausible deniability, etc, while simultaneously Muntadar al-Zaidi is tortured and imprisoned by these same people, a la Iran/Iraq's Muwafaq Al-Rubiae.
As Hitler destroyed his Frankenstein Brownshirts, so too Iran's Islamic Fascist surrogates and operatives are being liquidated, but, with Israel's help.
And, this process began with Sadr in Basra, southern Iraq.

All is political posturing, including ALL the garbage surrounding another petty criminal, thief and career Fascist opportunist, the US President, Obooma.
If things get bad enough, Obooma can take the fall and be sacrificed.
He is a disposable, dispensible, interchangeable, throwaway frontman in the perpetual Nazi machine.

As part and parcel of mopping up and events in Gaza, the independent, separatist Kurdish movement is finished, witness both Turkey and Iran bombing the PKK and Heritage Oil's disengagement from its previous partnership with the KRG and the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq.
So, too, an independent, autonomous Basra region annexed to Iran.
Again, the UAE Dana Gas/Iran deal "suspended."
Not abrogated. Suspended...until when and what?
The answer to that question forthcoming soon, I'm sure.
Iran has ceeded its supremacy and military dominance to American forces in Iraq and elsewhere.
They have reached a compromise.
All of the above is PART of that compromise.
I'm NOT suggesting smooth sailing ahead.
On all this, see the following:
(Note: the date MEANT to say, I am sure, January, not February, 4, 2009. It was clearly a typo error):

Now, let me add to my long list of nauseating, orchestrated, Fascist developments emanating out of the GCC, Switzerland of the Gulf, speculative bubble.
This time, it is France. France's prestigious Sorbonne University to receive "loans" from the GCC to finance the Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi!!!
How much more is there to say?
How many more illustrations necessary, of which there are upteen numbers more?:

And, while Gaza burns and Fascist Maliki goes to Nazi Iran for his marching orders, a three day conference opens in Cairo today on "...Economic Liberalization in the Arab World...":

And, Obooma's Citigroup Nation, National Socialist (NAZI) agenda to continue its taxpayer funded bonanza subsidizing and enlarging private capital with the collaboration of our Fascist led labor unions, especially the Andy Stern gang of the SEIU, a major Obooma supporter.

Along these lines as I indicated above I will say something about alternative agendas to the historically collaborative, enabling and opportunistic anti-Soviet, anti-Communist, fake Left and their latest bete noire, morality play and cause celebre, Israel and the poor suffering Palestinians and Arabs.

Well, the following is from Israel, along with other articles available at the same website, including demonstrations about Gaza, etc.

If ANY meaningful resistance and opposition is to come out of this horrible disaster, class issues, privatization and nationalization, must come front and center, the ones around which we/they/all MUST coalesce, build, unite, including Greece, the US, Middle East, Asia, and what was the FORMER Soviet Union which all the above fake Left counter-revolutionaries and opportunistic Opposition helped destroy:


Stienster said...

Dear karlmarx2,

You have SO MUCH information in your articles... but I'm having serious trouble diciphering it. Is there a way for you to write just a bit more clearly?- You MUST know that most Americans of the last 3 generations have little to no education... I'm one of them. I've educated myself through independant reading, but... well... my absorbtion isn't what it should be. Anyway, if it's possible, please keep in mind that you are not only emoting in your blog, but you are INFORMING those of us who want to know, understand, and ultimately, DO SOMETHING to stop the evil madness that is our world.

With Respect and Appreciation,
Lisa a/k/a stienster

karlmarx said...

THANKS! Will do my best--thought I have done that!! If you have any information to share with me or the greater community at large, appreciate it if you would post links either on my comment section or e-mail me directly. My e-mail address is listed on the blog. At least, it should be. It's much easier, generally, for me to respond with some thoughtfulness in an e-mail then in the difficult threads of a comment section. I do not spend my entire life on the computer, so, there are limits to how much I can respond, research, compose, etc. Thus, if I/it is unsatisfactory, I apologize. You will just have to fill in the spaces for yourselve. I can only do so much. HOWEVER, IF I am correct, you are situated in Europe. So, YOU can help out by providing and drawing attention to specific information where you are that might be helpful to others. You know best about WHERE you are!!
And, then, how it relates to elsewhere. Will TRY to check out your blog as much as possible. Just have limited time and energy.