Friday, January 23, 2009


A brief reminder from my original entry of October 8, 2008:

A SHORT, by no means comprehensive, list of what we will NOT get from ANY of our twin Fascist Parties:

NO universal, single payer health care, whatsoever.

NO expansion, nationalization and public ownership of ANY of our worthwhile productive assets, heavy industries and natural resources.

NO guaranteed, expanded, universal, free, comprehensive lower and higher education program.

NO small tax, (.0001, that's 4 digits after the decimal point, for example), on every single financial transaction of private stocks and shares sold and bought on any and all stock markets throughout the US. (This, alone, would generate ENORMOUS monies based on volume traded every day).

NO guarantee of a full employment economy, based on all of the above and a reduced work week plus early, voluntary retirement.

NO guaranteed annual income.

NO guarantee of our limited, Social (in)Security quasi-retirement insurance system, it's expansion and monetarization beyond it's present pauper status, and, correspondingly, NO diminution or end to our Fascist union/labor policies to recycle and invest their workers pension monies into private, multinational, profit making, corporations.

NO nationalization of ALL industries related to defense and certainly, in conjunction, NO decrease in our privatized, highly, lucrative, profitable Defense Industry, completely, 100% financed by working class taxpayer monies.

NO comparable decrease, withdrawal of global, military bases and expenditures throughout the globe, whose sole purpose is to expand and defend private capital, such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup,

NO elimination of all personal income tax for individuals, couples, families, with combined incomes less than $50,000 and a GRADUATED, FLAT tax rate on combined income over $50,000. NO deductions, NO itemization.

NO nationalization of our money supply and elimination of our PRIVATIZED, Federal Reserve system.

NO increase in the minimum wage to a decent living standard.

NO permanent elimination and prohibition of the many and numerously flavored, speculative, manipulative, abstract, exotic financial tools, such as short selling, derivatives, hedge funds, etc., which is one of the main reasons for our present liquidity crisis. As a matter of fact, they will be expanded throughout the globe and particularly the Middle East.

NO offshore funds, corporations, ownership and tax havens.

I repeat, the above is just for starters.

Whenever and wherever you see "NO," above, substitute the reverse policy and you will have a good idea of what we presently have and will continue to get.

And, it gets far worse.

The above was written around October, 2008.

Now, for example, offshore oil and gas drilling in the US, no doubt, subsidized by our latest proposed TRILLION dollar taxpayer bonanza, boondoggle and "stimulus" bill primarily for private interests offered by the Nazi Obooma-Clinton-Biden Troika: soon, wholesale sellout and selloff of our major industries and natural resources, mentioned above.

Greater, astronomical debt.

A banana republic with the distinct possibility of galloping inflation, since
higher dividends/interest will be needed to entice people to purchase this latest speculative bubble of paper debt and Treasury Bills.

Corresponding diminution and privatization of Social Security and "Entitlement" programs.

The end of the UAW and other such unions.

Perpetual, endless war.
This list is not comprehensive or exhaustive, obviously.

A friend advises me, now that we have our Nazi State of Perpetual Hope and Change, the situation is perpetually hopeless.

So, she advises further, document and chronicle for myself, the "objective record," i.e, truth, and those few individuals interested.
I take her advice to heart.
And, flush the US down the historical toilet bowl.


Juan Moment said...

KMWR, no one states it better than you. As a matter of fact, no one but you talks or writes about these issues in the first place.

Much appreciated.

But where to from here? How do we mobilise the masses to finally bring out the pitchforks and march on the capitols, as nothing short of such radical actions will bring about the transformation needed?

karlmarx said...

THANKS! I looked for an e-mail address, once again, on your blogspot, but, can NOT find it. It really is easier for me to respond THOUGHTFULLY by e-mail.
I need TIME to reply. My e-mail address SHOULD be available on my blogspot.
Anyway, a thoughtful reply is not a simple one, alas.
I hope I touch on some of it in my own blogs, and, as well, in some of the links and other websites/blogspots available.
No formulaic answer exists.
But, I can only add that Lenin understood the value of revolutionary ORGANIZATION in the form of a Party organization and leadership and the role of the working class.
This is why our unions must be coopted.
So, they do NOT exercise their power in an organized and independent political fashion. Until this mold is broken in the US, nothing serious can/will happen.
But, things are already happening which hold the POTENTIAL for this mold to break.
It's a question of supporting, advancing and deepening the correct movements, people, organizations at the right time.
Class WAR is WARfare. Just like any military battle, of which it is a part, it requires logistics, realistic, objective analysis of existing power relationships, strategies, tactics, etc.
If I can e-mail you, I can elaborate further, another time.