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While all eyes are fastened upon the tragic events playing themselves out between Israel and Gaza, the inexorable logic of international capital's Middle East penetration advances quietly forward like a stealthy cat behind the scenes.

The IMF is due in Turkey within a week to arrange another "loan" despite all previous Turkish opposition to the contrary while simultaneously Turkey's ruling, Islamic, Fascist AKP expresses hypocritical "concern" about Gaza.

Of course, the GCC corporations posing as states will now be providing capital for the IMF.
And, in turn, they will be represented in the IMF as part of the New/Old World realignment, not to mention the many upcoming conferences regarding this "new" global alignment of private capital, from the upcoming January World Economic Forum in Switzerland, which I had posted on a previous blog, to the many others to which I will link.
So, first, regarding the IMF and Turkey:

And, then, in case your social schedule is too hectic and you can not attend the WEF in Switzerland, here's many more from which to chose, all, of course, in the GCC area:

And, Iraq's second round of bidding for international oil contracts has just occurred, which, I believe, will more than likely include Russia's private firm Lukoil, amongst many others:

And $16 Billion of private investments were commited to Kurdistan in 2008, half from the GCC:

The many political-economic contradictions of what was the geographical body of former nationalized Iraq about which I have written continuously and everybody has chosen to ignore have reached their apex, beginning with Gaza, which is merely the "shocking and awful" opening salvo in the Middle East regime change, mopping up and congruency scenario as everybody jockeys for positions.

Continued questions in these circumstances surround Maliki's survival.

I cannot comment knowledgeably or verify the sources or the specifics of the PEOPLE named below, since I know nothing more about them other than that which is said on the following websites.

But, they reflect the various competing and conflicting interests in what was Iraq's power struggles. Try, for starters:


And, then, Maliki Visits Iran:

Behind recent events in Gaza, contrary to what one would expect, our stock market has climbed these past couple of days.

According to business pundits, the latter half of 2009 promises to be a good year, no doubt, due to our absentee Presidential landlord and strawman, the peace candidate, Obooma, from whom they will get everything and more they could possibly want.
And, still, I hear the ignoramuses express "dismay" that their Zero candidate says nothing about Gaza and is enjoying himself playing golf most of the time.

So, it seems, Hamas will cease to exist and Gaza will be occupied, most likely by an "international peace keeping force."
This tiny strip of land is significant.
It is an important piece of the overall jigsaw puzzle of the many gas and oil pipeline routes and Middle East privatization plans.

Thus, who controls it is important.
I hope everybody recalls another war was fought in Gaza in June 2007 which pitted EMG-Israel against the PA-BG offshore gas concession.
EMG won.
For a reminder about that, the EMG/Israel/BG/PA offshore gas conflict, I am reprinting THREE EXCERPTS from June 2007 below from my now publicly blocked previous blogspot:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

UPDATE from June 1,"blowing up of Iraq's policy thru Turkey"

...How this relates precisely to recent events in Israel and Palestine needs to be carefully studied. It's a complicated web of competing interests.

There's been lengthly negotiations over the past 5 or 6 years between BG (British Gas) and Egypt, Israel, Palestine over supplying gas to Israel from an area off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Here are two stories from 2006, note the last two paragraphs in the following report regarding ownership:
Then, in addition:

Just recently, however, there's been a possible reversal of the previous position:

For a little snapshot background of one of the players mentioned above with a 10% vested interest, Consolidated Contractors:

But, there's more, according to the article, below, their 10% interest would increase signficantly:

It is impossible for me to do justice to ALL the financial interests at play and the broader context. There's the Egypt-Israel consortium mentioned above, EMG, as well. And, now, Dana Gas into the mix. So, I can only hint at the motives and possibilities of those involved. More analysis necessary...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Further BG and EMG, the Turkish Scenario, Africom

...The BG offshore Gaza gas deal with Israel is expected to go forward, according to reports, once the "Palestinian" question is resolved.
See my previous blogs from this month, especially June 3, regarding the specific economic interests involved in the offshore Gaza, BG, Palestine Authority, Israel gas deal.

Not only are there economic winners in this gas deal, but, it is also necessary to keep in mind, as well, conflicting and competing security interests and claims inherent in the artificial territorial division of these waters, as exemplified above.
So, eliminating the Palestine Authority and the Gaza Strip as a stand alone entity is more than a desirable option, but, from their point of view, a commercially necessary one.

Adding to this equation is the "competitor" to the Gaza gas deal, above, Egyptian gas firm EMG. Here's a nice little glimpse from 2005 into the background of the partners in EMG, two "spooks," Egyptian Hussein Salem and Israel's Joseph (Yossi) Maiman.
The reference to EMG is at the BOTTOM of the following blog entry AND in the COMMENT section, just below the blog entry:

There have been subsequent developments since the blog entry from 2005. For example:

In addition, extremely wealthy US financier Sam Zell is now apparently in 'discussions" to purchase a stake in the EMG deal from Egyptian spook Hussein Salem.
Some of this is available on the website.
For whom Hamas, or, those who acted in Hamas name, has conveniently worked is difficult to say for sure.
More likely more than one source as well as themselves, whomever they are...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Updates, BG/EMG/Israel, Iraqs Partition, Africom

....The British Gas/Palestine Authority/Israel gas deal to which I referred in previous blogs
( see my entry from June 20 which also has a link back to the one from June 3 on this subject, )
and the deal which Hamas "vowed to defeat" is now questionable thanks to obvious recent developments.

In addition, the BG deal is being "petitioned" against by a nexus of interests related to the Egyptian/Israel gas deal, (EMG, East Mediterranean Gas) about which I had information in previous blogs.
A number of websites carry this story, but, you can go to and look for "Exploration Companies Petition Against BG Gas Deal."

EMG and Yam Thetis had already indicated in April, 2007 articles that they would petition against the BG deal.
And, Egypt's military aid from the US is being held up in Congress pending certain conditions.
Meanwhile, the MOST recent IMPORTANT developments on the EMG deal, regarding Sam Zell's purchase and the interests of "other institutional investors," from abroad: and

I find it curious that NOWHERE ELSE are these gas deals and their specific interests being discussed in all the presumed "intelligence leaks," blackmail and motives..."

(end of above excerpts)

As a followup postscript to the above, a link to a previous posting I did on THIS blogspot regarding the most recent Lebanon War and the BG gas deal from May, 2008:

To be continued, alas, I'm quite sure.

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