Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I write this, the entire US NAZI Democratically led government and their created Frankenstein monster, the US Fuhrer, Obooma and his Citigroup Administration, will be GIFTING approximately ONE TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS IN DEBT to the very same private corporations who created the world's current orchestrated speculative bubble and collapse and ultimately to whom all working class taxpayers will owe and pay the debt in perpetual bondage in our perpetual money-go-round system.

Now they are creating an ADDITIONAL SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, a second layer, onto the first one which went bust with this so-called "stimulus bill" which is nothing but a humungous bonanza and FREE lunch giveaway for private capital.

It is one giant Ponzi scheme they can exercise BECAUSE American money is PRIVATELY owned, controlled, printed by the Federal Reserve Banking system, and, in turn, LOANED to the US Treasury, which is then resold with interest/dividends payable by US citizen taxpayers, predominantly working class.

AND, most important, in addition to money, US natural resources and heavy industry are ALL privately owned and controlled by the very same individuals and corporations through interlocking directorates and shareholders as the financial institutions to whom money is given by their private banks with the US Treasury acting as their intermediary and debt collector.

But, our Nazi Democrats are busy scrounging around Congress to find a few Republicans to endorse this utter bonanza, fiasco, shell game and great, big Ponzi scheme so the Nazi Democrats can use the Republicans as a figleaf to say it is/was bi-partisan.


Even SOME in the business community are more honest, to the point and to the LEFT of our foundation and state funded, fake opposition and our mafia, reactionary, anti-Communist led trade unions, all in total and complete collaboration and obscene capitulation with our Nazi Obooma/Citigroup Administration.

Those in the business section know the ultimate amounts will be MUCH HIGHER and total upwards of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS or more when all is said and done.
And, WHO will be getting ALL these monies??
And, WHO will pay the debt??
Further, the above does not even include American taxpayer MILITARY SPENDING, equal to ALL of the rest of the globe combined!!
Here's just ALITTLE something regarding the above:,%5Edji,bac,c,jpm,wfc,xlf

Since America's mafia led unions, which only represent approximately 13% of our labor force, and fake opposition are PART of this Nazi program, they, too, must be OPPOSED. They are just as much responsible.

THEY are an impediment to progress in this country and abroad, in complete and total capitulation and collaboration with the US Nazi dictatorship's global agenda.

They have declared war upon us all, here and abroad, and the working class who they most cynically and hypocritically represent, but, instead, control through their pension fund investments into all the above PRIVATE corporations, through dictatorial, authoritative, hierarchical administrative mechanisms and obligatory dues which, in turn, are invested into our Nazi Democratic Party.

It was estimated our BUSINESS unions, which is what they are, businesses, invested around $300 million or so dollars on these past Democratic elections.

They all represent TRAITORS to the entire country and the global working class, to progressive forces everywhere.
Together, they conspire to enable and advance reactionary and counter-revolutionary privatization and imperialism, capital enslavement, serfdom, bondage in this country and the globe.

The same private financial and industrial corporations and families who helped destroy 60 million plus people in WWII, bought systematic, global genocide and extermination on a scale unparalled in history, flattened entire countries, continued these policies throughout the Cold War in so-called third world countries, and, AFTER helping destroy, overtly and covertly, the Soviet Union, CONTINUE TO EXIST and continue their Nazi policies throughout the entire globe now that they have a green light with the demise of the Soviet Union.

Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Dana Gas, Rockefeller, Hamid Jafar, Dupont, Dow, name a few major ones.

There are secondary and tertiary coattail hangers-on, profiteers and enablers.
Nazi pimps, prostitutes and whores.
Petty mafia, criminal and gangster elements, such as the Chicago "hood," well represented in the US current, Obooma gangster White House and by Illinois Democratic Governor Blagoyevich, connected to/with ALL above.

The above private corporations and the government who represents them MUST BE NOW AND FOREVER PERMANENTLY liquidated, terminated, destroyed.
If not now, when?
NOW is the time to build new institutions, new parties, new labor organizations, new resistance, opposition and totally new government structures into a global
United Front Against Fascism/Nazism.

The private economic system of production that exists presently is totally, completely, morally and historically BANKRUPT on every possible level.
It must be overthrown, discarded, abandoned and replaced.
Our economic system of privatized production is an historical anachronism and abysmal failure.
It is morbidly depressed, dysfunctional, irrational and insane, its one and only goal being continued, sustained and ever greater private profitability, exponential growth and consumption at all and any cost, willy-nilly and wanton rape of the planet's natural and human resources, competition, contradictions, conflicts, war, military aggression, imperialism, chronic wealth discrepancies, artificially perpetuated poverty, starvation, hunger, malnutrition, dislocation.

All for the sake of private wealth accumulation and aggrandizement.

No different than that of the royal monarchical dynasties historically preceeding them.
And, what happened to the royal dynasties must now happen to those above, as well.
The revolution both in the US and elsewhere remains as yet unfinished.
And, if it is not finished, SOON, we and the planet are ALL finished.

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