Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The latest significant development below in the Gaza and Israel gas wars saga and WHO owns and controls what in the territorial waters offshore.
Egypt's EMG has had trouble with their previous Israel gas deal in Parliament over price issues.
And, Sam Zell recently announced he is selling out his investments in the Egypt EMG-Israel deal.

Also, of course, this current, or, most recent offshore Israel gas "find" follows my previous blogs about
"Deep Oil versus Peak Oil."
Namely, gas and oil are everywhere, ubiquitious.
It's just a matter of drilling deep enough:


In case you need background references on previous and current Gaza, Israel, Egypt and Lebanon gas wars,
here's a previous blog entry with a reprint from 2007:


As for America, today is a day of national mourning.
A US funeral procession.
See my blog entry just below regarding our Nazi Obooma coronation.
A friend of mine suggested they should crown Obooma with thorns. Most/many people I know, considerably older than I and personally familiar with WWII cannot stomach looking, listening or watching Obooma/Hitler and the resurgence of Nazism and the National Socialist State and Party.
It is beyond their comprehension.
What is happening is so blatantly transparent and horrifying.
What do you do when you watch your country become a Nazi Paradise?
Goebbels would be proud.
Both our head of state and our state is an empty headed, meaningless vessel, devoid of any historical purpose and direction, guided willy-nilly by immediate short-term gains and expediency, internal contradictions and competing and conflicting interests tugging and pulling in different directions simultaneously. And, race based.
We are sailing into umitigated disaster.

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