Friday, January 16, 2009


The Pentagon NOW states openly regarding Iraq's upcoming provincial elections what has been known all along, namely, Iranian involvement, influence and militias in Iraq:

Further emphasized in the following, "Basra Focus of Shiite Rivalry" (read Iranian rivalries):

And, interestingly, according to the following report, involving Allawi, the KRG will be eliminated.

This concides with all else I have had on my previous blogs from centralized Baghdad power, to Heritage Oil's pullout from their deal with the KRG, to Allawi's official entourage alittle while back visiting Kuwait's PM, to Turkish and Iranian bombings of the PKK to the present Gaza situation and elimination of all Iranian surrogates, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, all part and parcel of mopping up, congruency and regime change.

Israel is doing EVERYONE else's dirty work above and below. Israel makes an effective culprit and heavy, while everyone else dances and postures one way or another around Israel either as distraction, the blame game, and/or plausible deniability:

Meanwhile, related events move merrily along concurrently in the GCC speculative, economic bubble and orchestrated Nazi money-go-round Wonderland, Switzerland of the Gulf.

An upcoming "Arab Economic Summit: A Market Approach to Development" and regional economic integration in Kuwait, January 19 and 20:

At this FIRST Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, Jan 19 and 20, in Kuwait, "...Focus on regional private sector development...":

And, of course, as part of the new GCC money-go-round, GCC states are to play a significant role in our global financial arrangment, including the IMF.

In turn, the IMF to lend to a multitude of other states, thus, investing in, owning, controlling and privatizing those assets not already privately held:

One of the many states POSSIBLY receiving some IMF loans is our newly "liberated," according to Democratic "peace candidate" Rep. Dennis Kucinich's JBANC ( and Victims of Communism organizations, tiny Baltic state of Lithuania.

Unfortunately, Lithuania, like so many others, are exercising their newfound freedoms and liberties by rioting against their government.

The rioting Lithuanians should send a message to Kucinich and request his support:;_ylt=An0OlR2NKxAJt1zC_EAfOzJ0bBAF



And, some details of a free trade agreement offered by the GCC to the EU, which entail alternative supplies of energy, gas and oil, to Europe other than their presently "unreliable partner," Russia's Gazprom, amongst other items:

And, this one talks all about the many German AND Iranian firms represented at a current GCC commercial event, in addition, of course, to the superlative Nazi Deutsche Bank, Siemens, etc.:

Of course, the region's first private energy empire, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj and Hamid Jafar's interlocking octupus, steadily expands including new gas "finds" in Egypt.

No surprise since gas is everywhere. The trick is NOT finding gas and oil, but, controlling all its many elements from its source of origin to routes to marketshare, pricing, and competion. Otherwise, it would no longer be profitable.

Alluding to the well known fact that gas and oil are abiotic and present EVERYWHERE, an interesting new twist in the contested strip of ground called Gaza and Gaza's gas wars, viewed within the above context.

Gas is now presently being developed by a consortium in the waters offshore Haifa in Israel:

Now, here's a new twist in the "Grand Bargain" theory, or, strategy TOWARDS achieving THEIR desired tranformative GOAL, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, Fascist, free market, privatized, "liberalized" economies.

American VP Biden was JUST in Iraq, meeting with Maliki, Talabani, Both he and Hillary, respectively, President and VP, Co-Presidents. Forget the empty-headed, vacuous Obooma. He's nowhere. Out to lunch. So, the following about Iraq, Maliki and Russia MUST have been discussed, pre-approved and arranged with Biden.

"Russia Calls For Boosting Economic Cooperation with Iraq":

"Iraq Interested in Reviving Full Scale Cooperation with Russia":

Maliki Calls on Russians to Invest:

Of course, they are not talking about Gazprom, but, private firms like Lukoil.

So, why all this? Is a potential deal, exchange, quid pro quo, leverage, a Grand Bargain in the offing? While Gazprom is squeezed and suffocated in Ukraine, Iraq, with obvious American approval, is offering Russia something else in return, or, so it would seem. A carrot and stick??

And, simultaneous with the above, Venezuela has agreed to reconsider US oil firms:

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