Saturday, January 17, 2009


The following highlights nicely some militant labor actions and wildcat airport strikes around the globe.
Of course, ALWAYS, EVER missing, is the US.
Readers of this blog for some time should know the reasons why by now.
Not a mystery:

Since France's CGT union is named, above, I decided to link to an earlier blog entry I did from 2005 about the French CGT.
Scroll down the following link/entry under the DATE IN BOLD FROM MAY 2005 to see a reprint from that ultra left-wing publication, the WSJ, about France's CGT union:

Meanwhile, the following, minus extensive verbiage and background, confirms what I have said all along, some time ago, about the necessity for mopping up, regime change and congruency in Iraq/Iran and the region.
The infant, fledgling Iraq federalism or separatism is dead in the water.
I posted something about Allawi and dissolving the KRG just yesterday in my January 16, 2009 blog, below, "Grand Bargain?"
And, now, in addition, the following regarding Basra and Iraq federalism:

Recall, America's real President, not the fake, impotent, CIA, minor mafia frontman, Obooma, nominal VP Biden was JUST meeting with Maliki, Talabani, in Iraq.
The above and Iraq's upcoming provincial elections will deeply affect and change the fate of Iran's Fascist Islamists and their political-economic-military occupation and dominance in Iraq.
And, Iran will not directly annex Basra.
Recall, Iran "suspended" gas deliveries to their business partner, the UAE's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil.
Suspended until what and when?
The answer should be obvious from the above.
A new regime in Iran and Iraq. Congruency.
So, more fireworks to come after Israel's opening salvo in Gaza as part of mopping up, regime change and congruency necessary to create greater regional economic integration and privatization.

And, following is one amongst many previous blog entries from March, 2008, I chose as a snippet background reminder for those who may be new to this blog and subject matter:

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