Tuesday, December 30, 2008


First, alittle more about the aborted Kuwait-Dow Chemical joint venture, a financial bombshell that occurred simultaneous to bombs falling over Gaza. The Dow-Kuwait deal does not get the same world attention that Israel-Gaza receives for obvious reasons.
Nonetheless, it is being closely monitored and discussed by financial sources everywhere.
The following is a Dubai radio broadcast in English on the aborted Dow-Kuwait joint venture.
It is not lengthly, only a few minutes or so.
As well, on the left hand side, are more broadcasts about related matters.
Given the source, I ASSUME their spin on the story is implicitly understood:


And, now, to WWIII.
Following, below, I will link to a previous blog I did which I can not seem to repeat enough.

It seems nobody understands or intentionally chooses to ignore the historical context, meaning, background and inextricable relationships of intensified class and imperialist contradictions, mopping up, regime change and congruency.

So, immediately, of course, a hot war exists between Gaza and Israel and the implications of mopping up extend to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and beyond.
In case this remains unclear, the following statement and quote from an Israeli General about Hamas:


Then, "So. Ossetia Claims Georgia Moving Troops Close to Border":


Then, "Kurd Factor in Iraq Game":


Then, Iraq's so-called upcoming provincial elections.

Now, in each and every instance since the onset of war number 3 against Iraq, the ONLY warnings, predictions and screaming I ever heard from any websites or blogs or organizations about military escalation was the one that did NOT happen and, furthermore, was completely contradictory to the reality on the ground, that of the US bombing Iran.

Each and every time military incursions, escalation, aggressions DID happen, they were NOT forecast, predicted or warned by these same websites, blogs, individuals who constantly forecast and warned of the US bombing Iran, instead.

All subsequent military escalations and provocations after the intial Iraq invasion came as "surprises."

First, the Israel-Lebanon war that led to Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon and increased Western military presence in Lebanon, preceeded by typical Western allied, covert, internal colored "revolutions" in Lebanon.

Then, of course, there were other colored revolutions elsewhere, stretching from Ukraine across the Caucasus.

Then, the recent overt Georgia-Russia military aggression, altho, I had had tons of info about a looming confrontation on my blog before the outbreak of military hostilities from jbanc.org and regnum.ru.
But, that military event, too, was a "surprise."

And, of course, TWO hot wars in Gaza.

And, Turkey/Iran's current bombing of the Kurdistan area, not counted as war at the moment.

And, then, the preceeding military mop up, confrontation with Sadr's militia thugs in southern Iraq, NOT a surprise, altho, it seems, also presented as a shock.

And, of course, the recent Mumbai provocation, with tons of preceeding publicity, talk, discussion about increasing troops in the Pak-Afghan area.
The Mumbai provocation was indeed a surprise in terms of its timing and location, but, not its repercussions.
The repercussions were a foregone conclusion.

Yugoslavia also exploded, but, that is barely mentioned here.

So, given all the above, which is not a complete list, I will link, once more, to a previous blog, which is equally if not more true now as it was when I first wrote it.
By the way, in the following, I will reassert, McCain DID speak truth.


Now, a domestic note about our embattled Illinois Democratic Governor, Blagoyevich.

I chose the following link from December 11, 2008 intentionally because it states the overall situation simply.
The only question I have had all along was why, knowing all this and alot more beforehand, "they" not only allowed but pushed Obooma's candidacy.
The Illinois Blagoyevich Democratic mob scandal, like all else, has escalated.

Blagoyevich has refused to resign, despite all pleas, AND has taken it upon himself, just now, to appoint a new Senator, despite warnings, admonitions and advise NOT to do so.
Blagoyevich, like any good mobster, will not take the fall alone.
Blagoyevich's current action raises the ante to a higher political stake, a state and national constitutional and legal confrontation and potential crisis of authority.

No matter which way they turn, now, they are screwed.
And, the trial, itself, has not yet begun.

In answer to my own question, above, the reason "they" not only allowed but helped Obooma into office is precisely because they knew all the above.

And, it is my OWN belief, in answer to my above question, that the Federal prosecutor exploded this case wide into the open NOW BEFORE Obooma came to office fearing that once in office he/they would have the authority to remove the Federal prosecutor, squash, control and limit the damage.

And, that is precisely what Blagoyevich knew, which is why he feels so confident and is playing his cat and mouse game, stalling for time.

They now face a political, legal, constitutional hurdle, challenge, quackmire, cul-de-sac, stalemate, confrontation, with further exploding revelations to come, a trial, subpoenas, witnesses, evidence, etc.

It is going to explode in their face, just like everything else.
And Obooma is a disposal, expendable candidate for upcoming disaster. Another small time mafia fall guy, like Blagoyevich:



Juan Moment said...

Dear comrade,

I wish you and all your readership a fabulous new year.

I appreciate your posts and the many insights they allowed me to gain. May all your sad experiences in 2009 last not longer than your new year resolutions :)


karlmarx said...

KMWR--What an unexpected surprise!! Thanks. ALSO, I followed your trial and it led me to your blogspot, which is VERY interesting, as well. So, I plan to slowly go through some of your posts.
I often think to myself, why bother doing this?
But, then, I remind myself it's important to have, at minimum, an electronic paper trail,record, which attempts to expose some of the lies and document history as it is happening and, I always figure, if it helps or empowers one or more persons, besides myself, that is sufficient. At minimum, that make two, me and someone else. The more the merrier!--KMWR

Juan Moment said...

KM, I've been following your writings for a while, I think some months before the changeover to v.2, and found your blog to be a must read. Too many are the links you provide for me to follow-up on all of them, but the narration you give is most informative and provides the alternate picture needed to make sense of the ever so fast changing geo-political landscape. For that I am much grateful, you are one of the few who actually tries to illustrate what is happening from a bird’s perspective.

In terms of a need to record ones attempts of exposing the farce, you might even want to consider printing your blog, I think it’s certainly worth the paper, who knows how long we will have a, the internet or b, electricity full stop.

There are very few issues I do not agree with you wholeheartedly, like for instance your stance on the Palestinian’s plight, but I’ll write a comment to that in the thread above, and largely are of the same opinion with many of your arguments, especially your views on the spineless and impotent Left in many countries around the globe, not worth their name, not in the face of what the Left used to be (and still is in some few pockets).

However, I must admit that at times I slightly cringe when reading your sharp remarks on the opportunistic fake Left, because quite frankly I believe this hat might just fit me. I am part of the system, even though I loath it. I go to work to support myself and my daughter, and by doing so I am deemed to finance the mayhem that is unleashed in my name. From my savings, if any, I make donations to a select few of the thousands of causes and movements which need funding to counteract the inhumane developments my taxes have caused in the first place. Otherwise I feel I’m limited to comment from the sidelines on events which have already transpired, while the gangsters carry out their latest heists, on which I then can comment next.

I so hear you when you write about how people need to unite in order to revamp the system into something far more equitable and just. But this unification is not happening, quite contrary. In your latest blog you ask the question:

Why is it two or three BILLION people on this planet suffer, live with and die from extreme hunger and/or malnutrition, homelessness, disease, endless wars, poverty, despair, hopelessness, unemployed, underemployed, overworked and underpaid employed EVERY SINGLE DAY and people are not in the streets in horror, including the US which has an army of poor, homeless, malnourished, impoverished, destitute wandering and roaming its urban streets.

KM, I tried to answer a similar question on a different blog not along ago, trying to do this along the following lines.

A, I reckon the seemingly indifferent public does see the deeper meta, its plain and in their face. As a matter of fact it smacks them/us in our face everyday we get up, right throughout the day, until the last second before we fall asleep, smack. Constantly. How could you not see, hear, feel it, the thirsty mouths of the children without access to water, the heartbreaking look in the eyes of the mother who just had her kid blown up by a landmine? I guess it’s just like with people who live near train tracks, when you are constantly exposed to noise and smacks, eventually you start blocking it out, ending up not seeing the forest for the trees.

B, It’s a matter of not rocking the boat you are sitting in. Mortgaged up to the eyeballs, credit card debts left, right and centre, of course people don’t drill too deep into the foundations their livelihood is based on. Progressive thinkers or not, people don’t sell out, they buy in, becoming a tooth on a cog in the machine that maintains the status quo.

C, As Chomsky once wrote, to suspect a darker ulterior motive to the one publicly stated by our duly elected leaders, people need to come to understand the mechanisms and practices of indoctrination. When you are told from toddler years onwards that the country you were born into is the good guy in any global scenario, all the feature movies you watch in your life confirming this, your history lessons at school omit the truth about the countless millions that were killed by your kinsmen in their quest for power and glory, then it becomes hard to fathom that the truth could be any different. Reality lies in the eye of the beholder.

D, Just like the dude in Matrix I who sold out his mates so that he could be inserted back into the program, knowing that he would be living his life as a battery for the machine, but at least the steak is juicy and has taste, people dread to find out what the actual reality is like. It’s less conflicting to live life in the belief that fundamentally things are ok, and whilst there are problems with our system, there isn’t a better one to replace it with, at least none which would be as tasty and juicy. Revolution is a scary word for many, so let’s satisfy ourselves with corrections merely to the fringes and any social conscience we might have gets channeled into one’s pet cause.

E, The laws governing the human trade of sheepish behavior when it comes to authority are almost prehistoric, when say homo erectus came about, or even earlier. Lets call it herd instinct. Know your place in society and follow the leader of the pack.

This list of reasons for why many people prefer to keep their head in the sand could go on and on. And I’d like to point out that I myself to varying degrees am susceptible to all of the above points. I can’t say I can see the full picture either, akin to a blind person being led to a hyena for the first time. I get to touch its rough hairy back, legs, head and tail, and from that deduct what the creature must look like. I guess the reason I frequent your site pretty regularly is because it is one of the hard to find places where attempts are made to describe the spit dripping from its mouths and investigate the contents of its belly.