Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Again, a few EXCERPTS from previous entries from my currently unavailable blogspot for reference with some updates below.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Egypt, Hermes, Abraaj, Abu Dhabi and more

"...In my previous blog about the secretive Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, I linked to an article that Abu Dhabi Investment Auth had purchased an 8% share in Egypt's EFG-Hermes.
Of course, the ubiquitous Citigroup is on the Hermes Board.
But, it should be noted in this world of interlocking interests that Abraaj Capital has a 25% stake in Hermes, as well.
So, Abu Dhabi-Hermes-Citigroup-Abraaj and, then, Abraaj, in turn, is partnered with Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Pakistan, etc..."


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Abu Dhabi Purchases Citigroup Shares; Continued Middle East Bubble

"....Following along, again, from all my previous blogs on the Next Bubble, the Middle East, etc., see especially this month's previous, November, 2007 entries, The Abu Dhabi Investment Fund, today, for approximately $7.5 Billion purchased 5% of Citigroup shares.
This information is being reported just about everywhere.
It has sent the stock market up, again.
The price the Abu Dhabi Fund is paying for these Citigroup shares is/was approximately half the price those same shares were selling for roughly 6 months ago.
A bargain, literally. ($56 previously, $30, now, appxly).

Furthermore, powerful NY Democrat Senator Charles Schumer from the oversight Congressional Banking and Finance Committee appeared just this morning on the Business Channel (CNBC) giving his absolute blessings to the deal.
Saudi Prince Alaweed Talal had previously been Citigroups largest, single investor.
This apparently puts Abu Dhabi ahead of Alwaleed Talal.
Talal purchased his Citigroup shares in 1991.
And, apparently, "some say" Alwaleed Talal MAY have been a "mover" in this recent, additional acquisition of Citigroup shares by Abu Dhabi...

.....Of course, the ubiquitous Citigroup is well represented in Lebanon, Pakistan and Israel, respectively, by Lebanon's PM, Fouad Siniora, Pakistan's PM, Shaukat Aziz, and the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer..."

To update the above.

Talal recently increased his shares in Citigroup.

In addition, Citigroup, of course, is represented in Turkey, as well, through Citigroup's acquisition of Turkey's Akbank.

And from a recent posting about the secretive Abu Dhabi: (from Financial Times):

December 1 2008 12:42"AIG on Monday announced that it had sold its Swiss-based private bank to an investor group from Abu Dhabi, its first significant disposal since it was taken over by the US government in a massive bail-out..."

Further, stating the obvious, Citigroup and its affiliates own the US, outright, the US government and their recently s-elected, anointed billion dollar Nazi/Fascist Obummer Presidential candidate and Administration.

To quote George Seldes, these are facts.
Facts and Fascism. From 1943 to now.
To be continued, I'm quite sure.

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