Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, before getting to the victory(ies), I can't help observing sadly that the demise of the Palestinians is always a boon to the opportunistic fake Left and Opposition, here, and, it seems, elsewhere, too. A cottage industry.

I knew the minute I turned on my TV over the weekend and first saw the pictures about Gaza that I would shortly be receiving the usual kneejerk reactions and voluminous e-mails about the omnipotent Israel lobby, calls for mobilizations, demonstrations, etc.
They must salivate like Pavlov's dog when the Israel-Palestine conflict ignites. They swing into action immediately.

Forget about everything else I have had on my blog.
They just can not be bothered with all that.
Israel is the litmus test of created Leftism and political correctness in the US.
Palestine, Israel, and, in the past, at least, Abu Jamal, are the cause celebre of the Fake Left and Opposition.

The Trotskyites, the ANSWER coalition, UFPJ, amongst many other groupings to numerous to mention, swing into action, immediately when it comes to Israel.

Let's mobilize with the poor, suffering, downtrodden Arab Palestinian David versus the big bad Israeli Goliath.

Now, thanks to the help of some revealing blogs and websites from the opposite side of the Atlantic, it has occured to me that the purpose and function of Nasrallah and Iran's many Islamic operatives and Turkey's Islamic AKP, for example, is the flip side, the reverse, of the same purpose of Israel here.
It's like holding up a mirror.

As they say, if no Israel existed we would have to invent one. And, we did.

Historically, alas, the Jews, or, Judaism, are once again used for ulterior purposes. While many may make a sophisticated distinction between Zionism and Judaism, many do not.

Israel becomes synonymous with Judaism.
Thus, it is the fault of the worldwide Jewish cabal, conspiracy, i.e., Zionist State and, for that matter, Jewish capital.
The Jews, or, Judaism, are once again used insidiously and cynically as the scapegoats for the exact same financial interests which supported Fascism and Nazism in WWII.

So, it is the ultimate of political convenience and expediency to create a "Jewish" (Zionist) State with imported Russian reactionaries as well in the middle of an Arab/Muslim oil rich world.

And, then, on the flip side, apparently, I have come to understand that someone like Nasrallah and Iran serve a similar purpose. The religiously defined, JEWISH Zionist State can be chastized, while the other religiously defined ISLAMIC Fascist dictatorship becomes the supposed antidote to the Jewish State and defender of Arabs.

Thus, nothing bad can happily be said by the so-called Left/Opposition about the Islamists, since they, in turn, are the antithesis, the antidote of the Jewish Zionist State.
After all, "we" would not want to be seen as anti-Islam, anti-Muslim or anti-Arab.
The preceeding categories ALL get conflated together.
And on it goes, including, by the way, our latest politically manufactured ethno/religious product, Obooma.
He encompasses Black as well as fake, reactionary, mafia, Fascist Islam and he/they are oh so very progressive together.
After all, we can not say anything critical about either of the two categories, above.
I can easily see and understand how these categories are politically manipulated, here, but, it is much more difficult to understand how it operates on the other side of the pond.
Thanks to others, however, I have gained deeper insight and understanding into how this insidious and destructive format functions across the Atlantic.

And, now, to an uncelebrated Arab victory, one that does not have the same sex appeal as the Palestinians and bombs exploding, but, one which has shaken up the financial community, here.
It has been noted and commented upon just about everywhere in financial circles because it represents a bad omen to them, a consequence of internal opposition, something I highlighted in previous blogs.
However, I am worried that there will be enormous pressure, one way or another, to undo this victory. It sets a bad precedent. So, I do not take it as a fait accompli.
It is cause for immediate, but, cautious celebration and support.
More victories of this sort would undo the present power equations.
So, the Kuwaiti government has been forced due to internal opposition to nix their joint venture deal with Dow Chemical:

And, for another victory of sorts in Greece. The Greeks have played an enormous role recently as a universal class catalyst, a role that I assume will only escalate, despite a momentary hiatus.
So, here's something from them:

But, back to Alice in the Arabian Wonderland.
The following headline is NOT satire.
Like I previously said my imagination is nowhere as fruitful as reality.
So, the headline, it is a "Perfect Time to Launch a Derivatives Bourse in the Gulf":

And, of course, the Dana Gas empire expands in Egypt:

Hope everybody remembers, as well, the (Egyptian) EMG-Israel versus BG-PA gas deal, over which a previous Gaza war was fought.

But, of course, it is no suprise that oil and gas are discovered almost everywhere, since they both coexist in abundance everywhere. The economic trick is control and monopoly over the delivery system and dividing the world up between suppliers/producers and receivers/consumers.

Otherwise, there would be a supply glut and no profits, perish the thought.

And, finally, alittle something more about our fake Left. The subject matter of the following article might seem alittle too parochial and convoluted for others. As well, it jumps around from past to present. However, follow the money trail mentioned within it. That's the most important point to me and the main reason I linked to it. Somebody bothered to do some actual research and get some hard numbers:

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