Thursday, December 4, 2008


The following article about Australia and the Middle East, altho not named as such, specifically, our International Nazi GCC cartel/conspiracy.

I will EXCERPT first from the article below what I consider the salient point and then provide a link:

"...TREASURER Wayne Swan says suggestions the Government has struck a deal to channel funds from the Middle East into a new infrastructure bank for the states are "just absurd...They have floated the idea of a national infrastructure bank that would borrow money on their behalf....But when asked in parliament by Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop why is the Government establishing a new bank which will channel petrodollars from the Middle East to state Labor..."

For the remaining context read the article/link:,25197,24750868-26103,00.html

And, here are a few more highlights from global, International Fascism, counter-revolution and reaction, led by the US.

Kuwait and Dow Chemical to form a joint venture. Hopefully, I do not need to explain the importance of Dow Chemical:

No sooner than the above is/was announced, opposition and resistance emanated from tiny, little, retrograde Kuwait, resistance larger than anything from America's collaborative, supine Fascist trade unions, fake Left and despicable Nazi Congress combined together:

Then, following along from other Fascist dictatorships, plans to circumvent Gazprom and supply Nabucco gas to the EU from Egypt via Bulgaria and Turkey:

And, hoping to pry open Mongolia's natural resources to foreign capital ownership:

Then, further French and UAE consolidation:

The IMF and, amongst a long list of other places, Lebanon:

And, an added reflection about Pakistan.

I do not find it surprising or shocking that the US and NATO, and, even Russia and India, create a terror excuse to intercede and "mop up," destroy or control the Frankenstein monster the US created in the first place in Afghanistan and Pakistan that became an impediment to "progress," as defined by privatization and regional economic integration, just like Iran's barbaric Nazi militias and their partners in crime, the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq.

The mafia and international drug syndicates certainly bump off and liquidate each other. So, why not these folks? After all, they are born of the same ilk. They are related. Everybody knows the character and background of Pakistan's ISI in the Afghan-Soviet war. It's no secret.

The following article recaps some of it. The only important part missing in the following, however, are details surrounding the financial interconnections of BCCI which continue to the present day in the GCC Cartel conspiracy.

There was even a fictionalized Hollywood movie version proudly presenting America's creation of their miserable, Islamic, Afghan-Pakistan "Freedom Fighters." The movie was titled, "Charlie's War," based on Democratic Congressman Charlie Wilson's role and funding.

So, for a short, terse, bare bones background, recap, minus BCCI:

And, since I always like to feature one amongst many possible points of global resistance, today, Hungary, in addition to tiny Kuwait, above:

Nothing in this area to report in the US. Just the opposite. All quiet on the Western Front. Our historic, present day, UAW labor union leadership grovels and kowtows in Congress for a few funds and promises to essentially liquidate itself and concede almost all gains they made in previous contracts. Why don't they all just take a gun, shoot themselves or commit hari-kari and save everybody a bunch of trouble.

Instead, we go through endless Congressional hearings, theatrics and TV melodrama, with a predetermined and prescripted outcome, which, of course, Citigroup did not do, at all. Citigroup just made their many billions of dollars agreement, quietly, over the weekend and announced it on a Monday morning. A "gentleman's" handshake is all it took.

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