Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, for the latest episode in "As the World Turns," a seemingly endless US TV soap opera.

Just after posting my previous entry, below, where it was reported infamous Afghan General Dostum flew to Turkey on the heels of Mumbai as a tripartite meeting occurred between Turkey, Pakistan and Afghan FMs, guess what was just announced from those meetings?
Come on.
You can guess.
I know my readers are smart cookies.

Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to fight terror TOGETHER.
Imagine that!

Could anyone have guessed?
Me and a few thousand, million others, I suppose.
Here's their proud, official proclamation on this matter:

Additionally, much of the US power Establishment has made taxpayer financed social visits, free jaunts, to Pakistan and India these past few days, including a Congressional entourage which encompassed McCain:

The clinchers to the above. The ones I love the most.

First, "Pakistan Likely to Get $2 Billion Loan from Saudi Arabia and the UAE," with more money to come, from the IMF:


If I sponsor some terrorism maybe they will throw a few billion dollars my way as a reward.

Second, emerging from the tripartite meeting in Istanbul between Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan FMs to which I refer above and in my previous post, in addition to promulgating they would all fight terrorism together, a corresponding announcement, "Business Leaders to Encourage Trilateral Cooperation." Wow! What another startling development of joint compatibility! It blows my mind:

And, one more irresistible article related to the above, "Pakistan Pushing for More Free Trade with GCC" (and Arab states):

Meanwhile, for those following the murky world of state sponsored, narco-terrorism, here's an interesting one which I'll leave others to assess its truth value and accuracy:

Turning to global resistance and class war. On this matter, I have some truly remarkable events to report. Both events and some following links are available on the same website:

First, the US has just taken its own teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy, baby step in the correct direction with "Angry Laid Off Workers Occupy Factory in Chicago":

Well, congratulations are in order.
The US birthed a labor infant, above.
Unless their infant gets lots of support, nurturing, attention AND grows up, matures and develops, the infant will suffer from premature crib death, I'm afraid.

However, the adorable little labor infant IS getting some high profile attention for reasons as yet to be determined:;_ylt=AgsGg8YzKvyzzENY2vyzorFvzwcF

Maybe, next, they all should call upon that great progressive leader for whom they ALL voted and supported, Obummer, for assistance since he and they are Chicagoans together and Obummer is such a great community leader and organizer, according to the propaganda.

And, call on national labor LEADERSHIP as well, not the isolated union local.

We shall see what happens and what comes of it all.

In contrast to the above American labor infant, we have a full fledged, grown, mature, experienced, seasoned labor adult in Greece. The following extraordinary, remarkable events have taken place in Greece.

First, a nursing strike, seizure and occupation of the Greek Minister of Health office:

And then, apparently, more followed. Riots are reported in Greece with one death, but, of course, no background and NO context is provided, as if these riots simply occur spontaneously, out of the blue.

For those completely uninitiated with the present and previous context and background of militant Greek labor strikes and politics, here's a starter for you. Happy reading:

May they ever be an inspiration!

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