Monday, December 8, 2008


Here's a roundup of events and issues in Greece

In the US, we do not even have a universal, free, higher public education system.
Not to mention health care, pensions and not much of anything else over which the Greeks fight.
When reporting on Greece, here, they neglect to mention ANY of these factors.
Just a bunch of rioting anarchists.

What we do have here, instead, is lots of pliable, idiotic, moronic, passive SUCKERS!!
The biggest and largest bunch on the planet.
So, we get one, small, little, tiny, local factory protest, which ONLY wants some severance pay and it is considered an enormous event, while the remainder of the resources of the entire country is sold off and down the drain in collusion with a Fascist demagogue labeled progressive along with totally corrupt and Fascist labor leadership and NONE of what the Greeks take for granted and for which they fight.

The following article sums it up nicely for me, except for the fact they are incorrect about OJ Simpson.
He's a shmuck, also.
Two shmucks do not a mensch make.
But, the sense and tone of what they describe is accurate, much more accurate then the heaps and heaps of verbal garbage, apologists, passivity, stupidity, propaganda I read and hear everyday, here.

Mountains and mountains and tons of sophisticated intellectual obscurantism that continue to give legitimacy to a totally criminal institution called the American government and their upcoming Citigroup Nation slave in the White House and all those same people who helped to put him there in the first place.
When I say they get what they deserve, I most definitely, adamantly mean it:

Meanwhile, in a previous blog I mentioned the Dow Chemical and Kuwait story.
And, as well, RESISTANCE to it in Kuwait, itself.
Much more resistance in tiny, retrograde Kuwait than anything from the passive suckers in the US.

Here's an update on that story:

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