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Different perspectives on the same event expressed above/below, a new Russian gas pipeline to South Ossetia.


Then, from a November, 2008 REUTERS report:

Russia to build gas pipeline to South Ossetia
17-11-08 Russian gas giant Gazprom said it would build a pipeline directly to Georgia's rebel region of South Ossetia because of problems with natural gas supplies to the enclave after a war with Georgia. Gazprom, a state controlled behemoth that has the world's biggest natural gas reserves, said the new pipeline was needed because the current pipeline goes through the territory of Georgia proper.
"No-one thought that a direct gas pipeline would be needed, but one is now being built and will only be turned on in the middle of next year," Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told. When asked if gas supplies to South Ossetia had been affected, he said: "According to the information we have, yes."
Kupriyanov said the pipeline had been damaged and added that supplies were complicated by the fact that Gazprom had no direct transit agreement with Georgia for gas supplies through its territory to South Ossetia. Russia fought a short war with Georgia in August after Tbilisi sent troops and tanks toretake the pro-Russian rebel region of South Ossetia. Russian troops drove Georgia out of the enclave and pushed into Georgia proper before recognising South Ossetia and another rebel region, Abkhazia, as independent states.

Then, "Georgia and US to Sign Strategic Pact, Jan 4, 2009":

And, from November, 2008, (MY emphasis in BOLDFACE type),
"EC [European Commission] Wants Its Own Gazprom Competitor":

Above information also available on the following interesting roundup:

And, lastly, the following website has excellent related information AND DETAILED MAPS from 2003 of existing and proposed gas and oil pipeline routes, hubs, LNG storage terminals throughout Eurasia, Europe/Central Asia/Middle East.

The maps can be enlarged further if you click onto them, and, then, enlarged a second time.

If you follow and study carefully the geography of the proposed and existing gas and oil pipeline routes, much, if not all, of so-called "news" falls into place.
The maps are extremely revealing and helpful.
I will highlight in the article following a direct link to the enlarged map provided within it merely as a redundancy.

(I assume everyone is familiar with a little square orange icon with 4 blue arrows that appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen/map when you click on FULL SCREEN which enables one to further enlarge the maps beyond full screen so that they become REALLY, REALLY BIG, humungus).

So, first, a good, nice, detailed itemization of the proposed gas pipelines:

And, a direct link for the map included in the text above enlarged (which you can then still further enlarge):

Likewise, the oil map:

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Yushchenko plans to call a state of emergency and cancel upcoming elections:

Of course, Ukraine is a strategic centerpiece in the Gazprom/EU/US gas wars.
Equally so, the Baltics, Turkey and just about everywhere else named above.
The whole can not exist without its parts and the parts are fundamental building blocks to the whole.
It is an integral, reciprocal political-economic relationship driving forward the entire global reactionary, counter-revolutionary, Fascist, privatizing project.
If one block stumbles, fails, falls, changes, overturns, it threatens the stability and credibility of the entire edifice, already mounted very precariously, skating on thin ice.
Thus is absolute control a necessary prerequisite to fit neatly together all the many moving parts of their political-economic-geographic jigsaw puzzle, lest their counter-revolutionary, Fascist enterprise "spin out of control" and fall prey to entropy and anarchy whereupon the children's verses of Humpty-Dumpty and London Bridges falling down will become the applicable theme song.

To end on that auspicious note:


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