Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The following is a small snapshot of the cozy, intimate, relationship between US financial circles and their artificially maintained, sanctioned and created false political-economic dichotomies and misnomered opposition and Left.

For example, not mentioned below are the many billions in union pension funds recycled, reinvested in the major international private corporations named, in turn, who fund and sponsor these organizations, individuals, groupings and, specifically, their current, burgeoning GCC speculative, Middle East privatization bubble about which I have had so much info on previous blogs.

For another unmentioned example below is the completely corrupt, repressive, intimidating, threatening, harrassing, Fascist SEIU dictatorial labor union led by the Andy Stern gang, a major contributor and supporter of our Fascist Obooma, who used their Chicago connections and heavy handed mafia sleaze tactics to help Obooma get the Democratic primary nomination and bring the Democratic Chicago Mob/Sleaze Machine into the White House.

Of course, these are ALL the same people and resources who previously supported, assisted, contributed to counter-revolution in the former Soviet Union, Solidarity in Poland, etc., and they now turn around to pontificate about our current malaise. Thanks to their assistance the Old Left "Dictatorial"regimes and Parties everywhere have been either liquidated, purged, neutered, neutralized, marginalized, coopted, penetrated or infiltrated.

But, not content with previous damage, they maintain consistency in/with this previous approach and role, since they serve their above masters well and continue to propagate the smaller and larger Big Lies in all subsequent related matters, such as the Baath Arab Socialist Party, Saddam Hussein, anti-Stalinism, anti-Communism, Iran, the Iran-Iraq war, etc. and so on.

It is a long laundry list of Big and smaller historical Lies and fabrications and ideological sophistry, only some of which I can highlight in a blog entry.
So, the article to which I am referring:

And about Iraq and Basra.
Here's a related update which states things quite clearly and matter of fact, including "Related Stories" on the right hand sidebar, "Investors Ready For Iraq Business..."
Note, especially, the "minor" problem, that little hitch, caveat towards the bottom of the following article:

And for a few more details and specifics on the above from October 6, 2008:

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