Monday, December 1, 2008


Following along from my previous posts in November, below, what we had/have in Mumbai is the magician's sleight of hand trick.

As predicted, noise about war between India and Pakistan is summarily abating.
While your attention has been diverted away, other developments continue rolling merrily along elsewhere.

For example, the following really good, outrageous report.
I am laughing at all the suckers, here, in the US.
It really is a joke.

"Citigroup Shares Double":

Of course, Obummer's entire Fascist Administration is a Nazi Citigroup cartel.
But, unlike what the article above says, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, the GCC, etc., are interconnected and will all share together in Citigroup's good fortune.

Following along the Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank,, Nazi-GCC orchestrated conspiracy, alittle more on a theme.

"AIG Sells Private Bank to Abu Dhabi Firm":

(I highlight the proceeding sentence out of a Financial Times article about the above for its OBVIOUS SIGNIFICANCE, but, I conclude with a different link, same subject, since the FT necessitates paid subscription to finish reading.)

By Haig Simonian in Zurich and Robin Wigglesworth in Abu Dhabi
Published: December 1 2008 07:34 Last updated: December 1 2008 12:42

"AIG on Monday announced that it had sold its Swiss-based private bank to an investor group from Abu Dhabi, its first significant disposal since it was taken over by the US government in a massive bail-out.
Aabar Investments PJSC, a quoted investment group linked to the Abu Dhabi government, said it paid SFr307m ($253m) for the
private bank, and would also assume outstanding loans of up to a maximum of SFr100m.."

And to finish the above, the following link:

Obummer's Fascist Administration represents THE continued, overlapping conspiracy of financial and economic interests above and will insure and control who gets what and for which prices. The purpose of our orchestrated collapse. Stay tuned.

And, here's a recent Citigroup Spanish acquisition:

There are so many more articles. I can't highlight everything.

However, it appears one possible significant consequence related to India's Mumbai provocation, is contained in the following,

"Business Hails Finance Ministry Shuffle":,Authorised=false.html?

And, to flesh out a few more details on the above theme, first, a brief excerpt from the following article/link, below, as to WHY this seemingly insignificant development in India may be such a critical and desirable outcome from Mumbai, if not a predetermined one,

"...Singh, one of the leaders who attended the Group of 20 nations meeting in Washington Nov. 14-15 on the global crisis, may be able to push through reforms faster than Chidambaram as he wouldn’t need to negotiate inter-ministry hurdles...":

Additionally, there are continued questions surrounding competing or conflicting proposed gas pipeline routes to India and China from TAP to Iran, etc. How that fits in to/with the above, I am not sure.

And, to round off the magician's hat trick, willing sleight of hand and diversion of attention, the latest in the ongoing Iraq, UN, private sector development, free market reform, otherwise known as counter-revolution, reaction, restoration and Fascism:

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