Thursday, December 11, 2008


I thought it helpful to put into context SOME factors not much discussed related to recent Greek developments and Greece's significant role in the following context and WHY it is so important WHO controls Greece, like Turkey, Pakistan, etc.

So, I highlighted the introductory paragraph from the following with a link in pink at the end, "more information..." whereupon, if you click it, you can read the remainder:

"South Eastern Europe in the Big Eurasian Gas Game: New Supply and Transit Challenges:

Natural gas remains the key source of energy for the European Union and the biggest share of it is currently supplied by Russia's Gazprom. With energy security at the top of EU's agenda, diversification of gas supply routes is set as top priority for the coming years. South Eastern Europe (SEE) is a region expected to play a crucial role in mid- and long-term gas supply diversification for most of Europe. Currently at stake for SEE is the advantage of becoming a new hub of gas transit from Middle East, Central Asia and the Caspian region en route to EU consumers... More information..."

Many more papers are available on the same subject from the same page from which I pulled the above regarding Greece.
If you bother to read and/or glance at all of them, you can put together a fairly good geographic picture of how the pieces, countries, fit together strategically in this "game":

And, in a somewhat eclectic manner, I came across the following article about a Greek shipping company named DryShips, related to all the above, "Setting Sail For an Economic Rebound":

At the following link, as the article notes, DryShips is a small, curious, startup shipping company in 2004-5 with only 2 employees, located in the Marshall Islands.

At the following, a direct link to their website is provided, and, you can peruse their Directors.

This represents a PATTERN for places all over the globe, a typical element of the Fascist, global privatization conspiracy:

I will not comment on the current, fluid, explosive, dynamic events in Greece, since this news can be followed from lots of sources better than I on the internet.

I will only add one note. One can easily note the complete and conspicuous absence of any acknowledgment, support or recognition of Greece's revolutionary, ongoing, militant labor struggle and student protests and insurrection from the US and its non-existent, Fascist led labor movement and fake Left.

THEIR job is the contrary, to control the American labor movement and make sure such things NEVER happen in the US. To contain organized labor as an appendage of the Fascist project. So, the US just had an itsy-bitsy, baby labor protest, sitdown strike, a few hundred people, and, DONE. Finished. Over. It is/was certainly cost effective, expedient and political grandstanding to throw a few thousand dollars to a few hundred laid off workers and tell them to go home and shut up, rather than let others get the idea they might do something else more militant.

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