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Following a BBC news report about Muntadar Al-Zeidi, Iraq's infamous shoe thrower.
I have intentionally linked to the following report BECAUSE it mentions Muwafaq Al-Rubaie's name.
Here's the paragraph from the BBC report to which I'm referring with Muwafaq Al-Rubaie's name.
I will link to the full BBC article after the following quote from it with MY emphasis in boldface:

"...Mr Zaidi told our correspondent that despite offers from many lawyers his brother has not been given access to a legal representative since being arrested by forces under the command of Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, Iraq's national security adviser..."

Now, as promised, here's the direct link to the full BBC article, from which I quoted the above:


And, now, for some INTIMATE connections and background between Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, mentioned above, responsible for Muntadar's well being, the official US power ESTABLISHMENT and, as well, Iran.
The following EXCERPTED from my previous blog entry of :

Saturday, OCTOBER 06, 2007

Muwafaq Al-Rubaie and War with Russia

"Sitting in the US, I have a unique nauseating pleasure.
An oxymoron, for those of you noting it.
A literary oxymoron that reflects reality.
Not only can I personally hear, see, touch, smell and witness the players of our homegrown, reactionary American Nazi and Fascist movement in the name of freedom and democracy, on a daily basis, but, as well, I have the opportunity to do the same with those from other countries, such as Iraq's present reactionary restorative political project.
So, on Friday, October 5, 2007, Muwafaq Al-Rubaie, Iraq's putative National Security Advisor, a clone of OUR National Security Council, I suppose, spoke about the "Future of Iraq" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, another famous think tank.
"Think tanks" here multiply like rabbits.
It's a lucrative business, a "growth industry" and a private employment project for redundant intellectuals.
Rubaie's "speech" was shown on C-Span.
A video of this "speech/discussion," is available at the C-Span website, for anyone interested, and, I assume, a transcript and video will also be made available, shortly, on the csis website:

http://www.csis.org/ and http://www.c-span.org/ ....

....I returned to the CSIS website, JUST NOW, went through their archives and found the link for which I was searching

(2007 above blog entry continued)....I was hoping to access a transcript from the csis website for this blog, but, I guess it's a bit too early and it is not yet available on their website.
Try again at a later date.
There is/was a large audience composed of press, media, government, others, and audience questions, afterwards.
Rubaie made a conceptual and practical distinction between the notion of Iraq's "partition" and "federalism" when questioned about it.
Some linguistic hairs were split.
No, it "ain't" partition, folks, it's federalism, instead, which is provided in their brand new spanky Constitution.
A biographical snippet amongst hundreds of others available online about Al-Rabaie, another of the Iraq ex-patriots, living abroad, from 2005,

"Iraq's Official Cosy Ties with Iran Stir Anger":


Now, this is the fellow and policies to whom everyone in the US is deferring and giving legitimacy.
Oh, yes, another fine point Rubaie made.
Iraq's national government can have Baathists, just not the Baath Party. The Baath Arab Socialist Party is outlawed.
This is also all provided for in their spanky, brand new Constitution, the one that replaced and liberated them from that horrible Baath, Saddam regime and constitution of 1990, this one:





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