Thursday, December 25, 2008


I thought I would do a few random selection of links from those totally open, in your face, secrets, the greatest story never told, which collectively speak for themselves. One need NO analysis, whatsoever, to understand what is happening. The FACTS are blatant and transparent. It's only the brain dead and willingly numb, deaf, dumb and blind who do not "get it."

"Before Handouts Big Firms Bankrolled [Democratic and Republican] Conventions":

"AP Study Finds 16 Billion Went To Bail Out Bank Executives":

"Where Did the Bailout Money Go? Shhh..It's a Secret..."

And, of course, from previous blogs, such as that about $200 Billion for hedge funds, this bonanza to continue unabated under our upcoming Nazi/Fascsist military-corporate slave/mob led Obooma dictatorship, i.e., National Socialism.

"UK Superbank to be Created":

"Middle East Market Critical for Ailing General Motors" (I've had much about this previously):


"Islamic Banking to Be a $4 TRILLION Industry" ("...The GCC region has taken a lead in global Islamic banking..."):

Cairo Investment Forum:,analysis-global-crisis-casts-its-spell-on-cairo-investment-forum.html

Dow Chemical Company Statement about Joint Venture with Kuwait, or, what's good for Dow is good for Kuwait:

And, Secy General of the Union of Arab Banks Statement Reveals a Pan-Arab Initiative...on Global Economy:

("...Shaker explained that there is a new vision being formulated focusing on the role of the central banks in the world and the role of the International Monetary Fund. All must be subject to the same treatment, and adhere to the same rules and regulations..."):

AT&T to Focus on Middle East:

Strikes and protests in Egypt:

Kuwait Unions Protest Privatization:

Bechtel Wins Egypt Nuclear Power Contract:


Netherlands Govt Launches Regional Representation Office in Dubai:


Annual Middle East Finance Forum:


Paris Club Waives Half Iraq's Debt (IMF involved also):

Large GCC, Saudi (44%) Investments Flow into UAE:

Dubai-Hamburg Business Forum:

More on Germany's Nazi Deutsche Bank and the UAE:

UAE Buys Raytheon Missiles:

Abu Dhabi Sheik Khalifa Nahyan ranked number 25 of 50 most powerful persons:

The following does not fit DIRECTLY into the above and requires abit more explanation. But, I thought I would mention it anyway. Russian MPs, Ukraine and Tibet:

All anyone need do is LOOK to understand.

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