Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First, before I get to my favorite subject, Turkey's opposition and resistance, a picture of what OUR COLLECTIVE GLOBAL MORTGAGED ENERGY future looks like.
Forget housing.
This is ENERGY, on which we are all totally DEPENDANT and intertwined, imprisoned, captive nations, and, specifically, LNG, in this case.

Again, TOTAL, COMPLETE, UNNECESSARY, DANGEROUS, HAZARDOUS LNG, replacing oil, and, a burgeoning new, intertwined, capitalized global empire completely, totally, PRIVATIZED.

Of course, since oil and gas are ubiquitous, NO NEED to ship LNG long distances.
Just need to drill deep enough in a few designated, specific, local, well placed regional areas and construct a few pipelines from Point A to B to C, etc.
NO discussion whatsoever ensues about whether or not LNG expansion is necessary, conservation, efficiency, planning, recycling, alternative methods, etc and so on.
Just shove the LNG down everyone's throat.
NOBODY here discusses the LNG industry, except, of course, me, AND THE INDUSTRY THEMSELVES.
Denial, collusion, collaboration.
Like everything else.

We ALL are and will continue to pay the price for these unmitigated, multiple, horrors, nightmares, disasters in myriad ways, just as in health care and everything else over which we exercise NO control.
So, excerpt first, link follows:

"...Lloyd's Register expects global capital expenditure in the floating liquefied natural gas sector to hit $23 billion by 2016, with Asia accounting for 23% of that, top company executive said..."

From the following and NOTE RIGHT HAND SIDEBAR and PHOTO:

Meanwhile, "Russia To Sell Off Oil Stakes":

And about Russia's Gazprom:

As I have said, SOME of Russia's previously privatized industries and natural resources gobbled up by Western sponsored mafia, drug, gangster laundered oligarch monies will be reallocated, i.e., RE-privatized.
See John Helmer's website on just SOME of their shenanigans:
That does NOT mean collectivized, socialized, nationalized.
Wish that were so.
Putin needs to finish what he BEGAN with Gazprom and Yukos. But, he stopped.
And, the opposite, I'm afraid, is happening.

And, for some CLASS resistance to privatization in Mexico necessitated by this GLOBAL FASCIST/NAZI onslaught:

And, back in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI occupied territory and Obooma Democratic dictatorship, we have a few courageous INDIVIDUALS responding militantly OR foolishly to our national health care debate, occupying insurance company offices, demanding NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER health care insurance.

BUT, UNLIKE ABOVE or elsewhere, Turkey coming below, it is OUR AFL-CIA which remains OUR PRIMARY IMPEDIMENT, OBSTACLE.
It is OUR own UNION leadership, our organized, institutionalized class representatives who BETRAY ALL and need to be CHALLENGED, CHANGED, TOPPLED, OVERTHROWN.
Their offices are the ones which need to be occupied.

Instead, they divide and conquer by ORGANIZING support for our BOGUS, designed to fail, NAZI/Democratic Obooma public option plan.
So, they effectively BLOCK UNIFIED, militant, CLASS action in support of NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER health insurance.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the Iraq/Iran/KRG conundrum continues playing itself out as anticipated.

Although I would not bet my life or the house or the bank account, IF anything remains of all the above, shortly, on details of the following report, still, I would say in ESSENCE, it is correct in that I have asserted a NEW Iraq government will arise, like a phoenix from the ashes and NOT look at all like the present Iraq/Iran/KRG one with a reconstituted ARAB flavor, a Baath Party, of some sort, represented below, but certainly NOT the former SOCIALIST Arab Baath Party, previously deposed and liquidated, but, a newly minted, PRIVATIZING Arab Baath Party, instead.
And, former PM Allawi MAY be reinstated into his previous position.
He just seemed to me like the most likely, obvious choice.
But, of course, not without LOTS AND LOTS OF VIOLENCE and a major, ensuing, regional power struggle, confrontation, conflagration, etc, which is ALREADY occurring, anyway.
By the way, the Jamestown Foundation, mentioned below, is another one of those prolific, historically virulent, anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, institutionalized FRONT organizations.
Amongst its many other dubious distinctions, they just love the Chechnya "Freedom Fighters."
Point being, what they say in their customary, doublespeak language reflects NOT IF or wish fulfillment, but, official policy:

And, now to MY FAVORITE FEATURED topic, TURKEY'S magnificent opposition, once again, and their PRINCIPLED response to Istanbul's upcoming IMF, World Bank meeting and Turkey's nauseating, NAZI/Fascist pseudo-Islamic AKP dictatorship, whose "passion is to sell state enterprises":

Meanwhile, our modern day PRIVATIZING Norse Icelandic saga continues, updated at the usual website, blogspot:

And, Germany, I am aware, just had an interesting election with some major global repercussions.

So, stay tuned...more EXPLOSIVE developments forthcoming all around.

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