Monday, September 28, 2009


I guess ALL Iran's NAZI crypto, pseudo, Islamic Mullahs and militias came together yesterday simultaneously and had one big ejaculation tea party to launch one or more of their missiles to demonstrate to the world their virility!!
They and this entire charade really would be comical, a joke, were it not, as the proverbial 'they' say, for the tragedy behind it.
The only comment I have to add to the following, below, is one missing descriptive characterization,
HISTORICAL continuity from the preceding.
WHY these policies below, and, not just below??
WHO BENEFITS?? Who perfected it?? Who exported it??
For whose sake, gain, reasons??
Just for the sake of hate and killing???
Of course not!

And, the NAZI/FASCIST apologists, collaborators, colluders, hired help, opportunists, gangsters, thieves, drug mafia, goon squads, intellectuals, etc., below, and, everywhere else, overlap along with their fake, bogus, anti-Communist,
Evil Empire, manufactured, anti-Soviet Opposition/Left role.
Flip sides of the same coin and same BOSS for whom they work.
One and the same function.

But, as I have said, with the demise of the USSR, global NAZI/Fascist private interests now have a green light to re-open Pandora's Box and exponentially multiply the areas of intractable, irresolvable contradictions represented by their competing and expanding PRIVATE interests, below and elsewhere, generated by share driven needs to sustain profitability from an ever larger, growing, expanding capital base on which it can only be satisfied.

So, despite NAZI Iran's premature ejaculation, the unfolding, inexorable logic of Iraq/Iran/Middle East confrontation will go forward as I have been forecasting and following for some time now on my blog:

And, here's one further SAMPLE of the Iraq/Iran/Middle East looming confrontation, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario.

HOWEVER, the analysis, below, still represents SPIN, part of the NAZI Big Lie technique, BECAUSE NONE of the private and financial interests I follow on my posts are mentioned as the/a CAUSAL factor, NOR the Iranian interests represented in Iraq, although, it is true that Arab forces WILL be, or, already ARE armed, i.e., surrogate armies.

But, with that proviso, I included it simply as an example and, for the most part, United Suckers and Assholes remain in total bliss and ignorance when it come to ANY of the above/below, and, so, the Middle East Big Bang will come as a Big Surprise to them, one they WELL deserve:

And, further, the Turkish factor, as I have had on previous posts.
Turkey's military will NOT, under any circumstances, allow an independent Kirkuk, which will translate to an autonomous Kurdistan.

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