Friday, September 11, 2009


MidEast privatization and its corresponding imperialist contradictions, rivalries, spiral forward at a swift, fast, furious, intensifying, dizzying pace.
Much too much for me to itemize.
Here are just a few highlights, nonetheless.

"India has quit Iran gas pipeline deal: Report:"

And, "Iran'sState Telecom To Sell 51 Percent Of Stock In Privatization Bid":

Meanwhile, just about every single energy deal supposedly signed and negotiated in North, South Iraq and in between, Baghdad, hangs in limbo at the moment, again, pending "developments," or, depending on which contradictory source one reads.

And, armaments in Iraq flow in all different directions from all different sources, killings, assassinations, bombings, murder, mayhem, violence with fingers pointed every which way.

And, since violence in Yemen has also been reported, I thought I would highlight that my good old buddy, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil octopus, dynasty, NOW has a MAJOR presence in Yemen, as well, in addition to Iraq, Egypt, the Nabucco pipeline, etc.
Of course, notorious US company Hunt Oil has a long Yemeni history.
But, Dana/Crescent represents the new empire, kid, on the block and GAS company:

And, since I mentioned Yemen, above, here's one more about Oil India IPO (initial public offering), privatization, which has some of my favorite characters and places involved, amongst others.

Additionally, Oil India is planning to bid in Iraq's next, "upcoming round."
A brief excerpt:

"...Aside from its onshore domestic exploration and development, Oil India is also exploring for crude oil and natural gas in Gabon, Iran, Libya, Nigeria and, as part of a consortium, in Yemen....Citi, HSBC and JM Financial/Morgan Stanley are joint bookrunners for the IPO..."
Above from:

Certainly, not to be outdone or forgotten, Israel's privatization continues rolling merrily along from its previous Mediterranean offshore gas wars to its ports, now.

Altho small, obviously, Israel is strategically well placed on valuable Mediterranean coastal property:

The universe of privatization from which I can choose information is perhaps not infinite, but, certainly, vast, enormous and, MY/THE POINT BEING, growing, expanding, rather than its opposite, contracting, shrinking, limiting.
Certainly more enormous than any one individual alone can digest.
But, importantly, it does NOT represent one big HAPPY family.

Just the contrary.
The competitive contradictions raised by expanding privatization continue piling, spiraling and mounting upwards, intensifying, including Russia, which, in turn, is connected to investment developments in NAZI Iran, occupied Iraq, Latin America, etc.

And now a word about another Big Lie related to the above, namely, Peak Oil, a bogus theory advanced as an explanation by many of the same historical revisionists and ideologues of numerous other Big and smaller Lies, like Iran's role, the anti-Communist, anti-Stalin brigades, etc.
These ideologues and revisionists often, generally overlap.

So, many thanks to R. who has been forwarding me quite a number of scientific articles, sources reaffirming, acknowledging what has been known for quite some time, first advanced by the Soviets, namely, the A-BIOTIC origins of gas and oil, otherwise known as "fossil" fuels and their UBIQUITOUS generation throughout the globe, or, what I previosly called the bogus peak oil versus deep oil theory.

So, I decided to include ONE out of many other links on this subject R. forwarded me because it is relatively straightforward, simple and easy to understand.

Of course, the implications of A-Biotic, UBIQUITOUS oil/gas, as I have explained many times over, is well understood by everyone in the industry.
Competition and profitability is NOT related to scarcity.
So, the link:

In conclusion, an HONEST, simple, straightforward, PRINCIPLED, direct commentary and analysis with which I wholeheartedly agree below which sums up nicely our Single Payer Medical Insurance to our NAZI/Vichy Obooma Democrats, collaborators, privateers and ALL their many paid apologists, revisionists, enablers mentioned above.

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