Sunday, September 13, 2009


There are a few important questions I have regarding the background relationship between Munir Chalabi and Ahmad Chalabi.
Questions I cannot easily answer myself via numerous, fruitless, internet searches.
It would necessitate other reading, sources, books, history, etc, on my part.
So, I thought I would just toss out the questions on the internet, via my blog.

First, I ASSUME Munir Chalabi is RELATED to the infamous, notorious Ahmad Chalabi.
I cannot ascertain this familial connection on the internet.
I have tried numerous times but to no avail.
Perhaps, IF I read Persian or Arabic, I might be able to come up with the answer easily, instantly, readily.
But, I cannot.
So, instead, I operate on this assumption.

It seems a most likely assumption to me, given the extensive, regional Chalabi family nexus, background and the significant position in which Munir Chalabi has been placed BECAUSE Munir Chalabi serves as LIAISON for the supposed London and thus US connected, AFL-CIA, US Labor Against War, front grouping and the newly minted Iraq Federation of Oil Unions.

It appears evident to me that Munir Chalabi plays a critical role in this capacity, function, similar to that of Ahmad Chalabi in relationship to representing specific clerical Iranian interests in the so-called Iraq puppet government.

Voluminous information exists, of course, on Ahmad Chalabi.
I selected just this one from 2004, below, out of thousands, as ALITTLE reminder, example, refresher of the Chalabi family's murky pedigree and background, regional interconnectedness and EMPHASIS on their former family PROMINENCE in Iraq and elsewhere:

And, then, from another, entirely different source, namely, US Congressional testimony, again, from May, 2004, in which the following response, paragraph, reply to a question by US General Kimmitt, appears, below:

"...GEN. KIMMITT: There was an operation, as we all know, about 10 days ago against some of the properties of Ahmad Chalabi. Coalition forces did not participate in that except in a support role. I don't know of any other operations that coalition forces knowingly participated in operation conducted against any of Mr. Chalabi's properties..."

I would very much like to know to WHICH properties specifically Kimmitt was referring and which, how many, in Iraq are BACK in Chalabi's control NOW.

It is definitely important, NOT inconsequential information.
Here's the link, testimony from which I excerpted the above paragraph:

And, then, alittle more information from a somewhat unusual and interesting, but, not entirely complete source, about the Iraq/Iran/Chalabi/Sadr nexus just this month, only a few days ago:

Clearly, this sort of exercise could go on indefinitely.

But, again, it is Munir Chalabi who is NOW my main focus of attention, since, once again, the AFL-CIA US Labor Against War front group is sponsoring another US Iraq Federation of Oil Unions tour.
So, I will continue operating on the above assumption about the relationship between Munir and Ahmad Chalabi UNLESS AND UNTIL someone sends me RELIABLE information to the contrary or confirmation.
And, also, it would be nice to have concrete, detailed, specific information as to what the Chalabi family controls NOW in Iraq.

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