Thursday, September 10, 2009


United Suckers and Assholes titular human Garbage Can at the top of the trash heap called a government, passed air yesterday evening in front of our glorified, combined NAZI Congress.

What did the NAZI Garbage Can on Top of the combined NAZI Trash Heap say about our private for-profit health care insurance industry?

Well, to paraphrase an old expression,
"Garbage In, Garbage Out," i.e., NOTHING.
Smoke and mirrors.

Speaking out of both sides of his mouth and all other bodily orifices Obooma simply reaffirmed what is already known.
Same old same old.

The entire raison d'etre of NAZISM and Fascism, everywhere, globally, is to expand PRIVATIZATION.
The two are synonymous.

Thus, to expect United Suckers and Assholes current NAZI Dictatorship to oppose, limit private health care is like expecting them to willingly transform into their antithesis.

In the natural world, caterpillars become butterflies, but, in human social organization, Kafka notwithstanding, with class structure and greed as its centerpiece, moths do NOT morph into butterflies.
NAZIS and Fascists do NOT willingly, voluntarily transform themselves into their opposite.

And, our institutional, organized, working class representatives, our Fascist, criminal, mafia led thugs, our obscene, anti-Communist coopted labor union leadership aid, abet and assist this most primitive, barbaric, reactionary privatizing project by digging us all deeper and deeper into a Fascist existential morass NOT DECOUPLING themselves and all of us from this system whenever an opportunity arises, from our privatized health care system to our privatized pensions to our taxpayer subsides for private corporations, the Democratic Party, etc and so on.

And, the same holds true internationally.

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