Monday, September 14, 2009


The headline above is based on the following RAND report/study.
For those unfamiliar with it/them, RAND is another MAJOR, prestigious, presumably independent, US think tank, with STRONG military/government associations, really one and the same, tied together by an umbilical cord.

And, of course, in a previous post, only a few days ago, I had information about a US Defense Dept request from Turkey to purchase PATRIOT missiles and other MAJOR arms.
Here's one of the links I used in that post as a reminder:

Of course, it is not Sunni Arab groups to which they refer in the article below, but, NAZI Iran, the KRG/Baghdad/Iran intractable conundrum about which I have been writing for so long.

My editorial comment to the above HAS BEEN and is:
This is what I call REAL mopping up.

And, while at it, overturn Turkey's present, domestic Fascist, Islamic AKP government "whose passion is to sell state enterprises."

As I have said many times over from the initiation of my original blog, Turkey's military has the capacity to completely overturn the regional applecart ALONG WITH, in conjunction with, Turkey's fabulous, militant, PRINCIPLED opposition to whom I offer my most heartfelt, warm appreciation.
Turkey, by virtue of a unique sequencing of regional events set into motion through Iraq's most abysmal NAZI US/Iran invasion and occupation, been placed into position as a POTENTIAL, MAJOR, HISTORIC game changer and upset.
LIVE UP TO the HISTORIC opportunity.
That is all I ask and hope of them:

And, here, I PRESUME, is the RAND study document to which they refer above:

And, then, see my posts just below, about Munir Chalabi, US Labor, Turkish arms links....

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