Monday, September 21, 2009


Universal, Single Payer, Not-for-Profit, TAXPAYER funded, Medical Insurance in NAZI United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship is DEAD BECAUSE our Fascist labor unions and their partners in crime, our Vichy Democrats, collectively, together, collaborate, collude to impede, inhibit, mortally wound and stab it in the back until National Single Payer Medical Insurance is left to bleed out, hemorrhage and die by virtue of not so "benign," really, malignant, neglect.

Instead, a piece of total shit and garbage health care legislation will be rammed down everyone's throats, even worse than what presently exists, if such a thing is possible.


Complete denial, collusion, collaboration, capitulation.

The EXCUSE here is/will be the inane fictional, fallback option of State Single Payer. This option is as feasible and unrealistic as our misnomered public health insurance option.

And, of course, NO threat to the bottomless pit of national, Federal, taxpayer, subsidized private corporations and humongous debt.

As for Iran in Iraq and the corresponding greater Middle East privatization project, that chorus of lies, that beat also goes on and on, continuously, ad nauseum.

Denial. Denial. Denial. And, obfuscation. Smoke and mirrors.

Now, as for my above heading, CASE IN POINT, represented by the following OBSCENITY.
A broadcast.

Ralph Nader's early career contributions aside, clearly, he now suffers from some sort of serious intellectual malaise, disease.
Basically, Nader, link following, totally IGNORES the role of ORGANIZED, INSTITUTIONAL LABOR, our NOMINAL CLASS REPRESENTATIVES.
They are the ones BLOCKING change, progress.
They have totally ABDICATED and shirked their class responsibilities, capitulated.
THEY ARE THE ORGANIZATIONAL IMPEDIMENTS to progress, necessitating the BIZARRE solutions Nader proposes below which represents quite a feat of intellectual stretch and imagination on his part.
No wonder Nader fictionalized it.

If organized labor put as much effort, money, resource, skills, into UNIFIED, MILITANT, DIRECT ACTION for Single Payer and ALOT MORE, as they do into the Democratic Party, we would have Single Payer and MUCH MORE.

Nader's absurd proposal is TESTIMONY TO THEIR ABDICATION.
By the way, Nader totally ignores the FACT that privatized health insurance REPRESENTS AN EXPORT COMMODITY TO THE "EMERGING" MIDDLE EAST OF PRIVATIZATION AND ELSEWHERE.

It is a GROWTH industry, as well as all others, abroad.

And, then, adding insult to further injury, pouring salt on an open wound, in the following premiere outlet of our State, private, philanthropic, Foundation, CIA sponsored, manufactured, Left/Opposition, false, fake dichotomy voice and network, the AFL-CIA's true role is once more represented by Munir Chalabi's newly minted, connected Iraq Labor Unions.

The occupation subsequently dismantled Iraq's previous, large, umbrella labor Federation, affiliated to the WFTU, for this piece of total shit and garbage, an infant clone of our present AFL-CIA, which obviously functions similar to that of Lech Walesa's previous "Solidarity" in Poland, a role which the AFL-CIO's AFT (American Federation of Teachers) national union proudly advertises in its glossy, quarterly national publication.
(As a reminder, see my footnote link at the bottom).

As part of this propaganda charade, Nader must add an obligatory non sequitur, a mention of Israel, but NOTHING whatsoever about NAZI Iran's role in Iraq, the Middle East, in general, including Munir Chalabi's, AFL-CIA connected, Iraq Labor Unions, the very next, following guest on the program:

This is Kabuki style politics.
May you all rot in hell!
A hell of your own making.
AND, you will!!

And, my footnote/link, reference from above, about the AFT/Poland/Solidarity connection:

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