Saturday, September 26, 2009


It seems some of our United Suckers and Asshole citizens are doing SOMETHING alittle bit more direct about the slash and burn policies regarding ALL of our public institutions, thanks to their NAZI Democratic Fuhrer Obooma Dictatorship and his/their tax gifts, giveaway, boondoggle, bonanza to anything that walks, crawls, stinks, smells and barks like a PRIVATE company.

Every body's back is up against the wall as the reality of these policies hits home with a sledge hammer, not that this hasn't been happening for some time.

The process simply accelerated and cut a wider swath, SUDDENLY, affecting a greater number of people all AT ONCE, rather than the previous, slow, Chinese, water torture, drip, as a consequence of our current artificially created financial and industrial meltdown and Obooma's Change or Hope We Can Believe In:

But, its much too little and much too late, as usual.

A defensive, not offensive, posture, position.
The policies of global privatization remain UNOPPOSED.
Indeed, the very opposite takes place.

First, a current report from Russell Mokhiber's Single Payer website because I like him and, then, something he wrote from a few years back.
Apparently, he is/was editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter.
Do not know him, unfortunately. Never met.
Anyway, here is Mokhiber's current report about the
status of the NAZI Democratic "Corporate Black Caucus":

And, something Mokhiber wrote from TWO YEARS AGO, November, 2007, on Single Payer Medical Insurance, which reaffirms more or less what I say continuously:

"AFL-CIO Leaders Work to Derail Rank and File Drive for Single Payer..."

Of course, not ONLY do they actively derail Single Payer, but, as I have amply demonstrated on my many posts, they actively collaborate to advance privatization globally, impede, inhibit and overturn ALL previous nationalizations, first and foremost, the former USSR, now Iraq, and, of course, here, as well.
And, their pension funds are invested in those same private multinational corporations which supposedly they oppose, but, whose interests they CONSTANTLY AND CONSISTENTLY ADVANCE.

And, alittle something more about the Middle East arms race building in conjunction with Iraq/Iran's upcoming Big Bang, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario finally reaching its apex:

"Arms Dealers Flock to Mideast":

And, finally, I thought I would end in a region to which I rarely go, simply because it is not THE CENTER of action, namely, Latin American and Buenos Aires, Argentina, in particular.

The first link is in English, an explanation about an Argentinian factory occupation in Buenos Aires and the second, following, video link is in Spanish, about the ensuing confrontation to remove the workers occupying the factory along with their many outside supporters.
The Spanish is very simple, fundamental and easy to understand, I believe.
But, I included an English link, nonetheless.
MANY MORE videos available on the right hand sidebar of the second link.
And, thanks to E., who alerted me to these events.

So, English first:

Then, Spanish video footage:

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