Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I peruse, skim, read, digest, ingest, quite a bit of material on the internet, as anyone reading my blog for awhile must certainly realize.

Most of the psycho babble and analysis I see NOW relates to the most recent US-Russia deal, Grand Bargain, its many implications and how it ties in strategically with Iran.

Interestingly, so far, the Turkish military requests to which I referred on my previous post and their clear promise, threat, to INVADE and occupy Kurdistan, NOT to allow Iraq's disintegration and separatism, should this occur amongst Iraq's competing factions and their respective militias, i.e., the Rand Report, advisory, warning, have vanished into thin air in the analysis I read, except, of course, my blog and some of Turkey's media:


The 800 pound gorilla in the neighborhood, Turkey's military, once again, has been conveniently removed, disregarded, as the/a MAJOR factor from the pyscho babble analysis.
Houdini's great disappearing act.
Likewise, the KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, facilitating Turkey's anxieties.
That STILL is not factored into all the equations and psycho babble, despite the fact it is FRONT AND CENTER, the eye of the maelstrom.

It is precisely THESE mutually exclusive, competing, contradictory, economically self interested, aggrandizing factions and mounting tensions, which already are and will create the inevitable, upcoming, forthcoming, regional Mt. Vesuvius BIG BANG eruption, i.e., mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario now playing itself out to its logical bitter end.

For example, the following development just occurred regarding Norway's DNO and the KRG, which is getting ALOT of attention, play, commentary:

"DNO’s Iraq Operations Suspended":

And, of course, amongst Iraq's many spectacular coming attractions and the GCC ongoing, speculative, money-go-round, coordinating hub, bubble and home of Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj octopus:

"Soon: UAE Delegation in Iraq Over Investments:"

What seems to me PERFECTLY CLEAR, OBVIOUS is that all, most, many of the characters represented above presently constituting Iraq's so-called puppet government, OF NECESSITY, will NO longer be in their current place, SOON, SHORTLY.

Removed and replaced as part of regional mopping up, congruency and regime change.

These present day minor league world players are opportunistic bit actors strutting their stuff across the stage of established, major, global, PRIVATE NAZI multinational corporations AND the respective State forces marshaled behind them.

Thus, will these minor actors be discarded, dumped into an historical trash can from whence they initially arose, having become an impediment and outlived their purposes and usefulness.

They are extraordinarily stupid, ignorant, dumb, greedy, arrogant tools, captured by their own self delusions of grandeur and importance.

Much of their present spiral of violence really represents death paroxysms, attempts to demonstrate, leverage their power, serving, instead, to further insure their own demise, digging themselves deeper and deeper into a grave of their own making.

By the way, one last irresistible editorial comment.
It is, was, has been said Russia's Putin plays geopolitical chess very well.
BUT, so does Hillary Clinton.

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