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As usual, for those of us who were around in 1989, the nonsense about Libya's Ghaddaffi and Pan Am flight 103, is just that, nonsense.

The FIRST public dent in the official ointment, explanation came from a Business journal, Barrons, mentioned under the subheading below,

"CIA Drug Smuggling."
Here's the pertinent excerpt to which I am referring from the Wikipedia link below:
"...After PA 103, Aviv was employed by Pan Am as their lead investigator for the bombing. He submitted a report (the Interfor report[14][15]) in October 1989, blaming the bombing on a CIA-protected drugs route (Barrons December 17, 1989)...Time introduced another version of this theory, claiming that the American intelligence officers on PA 103 – Matthew Gannon and Maj. Charles McKee – had found out about the drug operation, and were headed to Washington to raise their concerns about its impact on their hostage rescue plans.[12]..."
Unfortunately, I cannot find the Barrons article online.

And, I no longer have a hard copy of it, myself.

But, the above represents the overall, central thesis in the Barrons report with further international connections mentioned below.
The following few links, which overlap, with source material and footnotes, IF you follow all the threads, gives one a good IDEA who and what was involved, having nothing whatsoever to do with Libya's Ghaddafi:

And, lastly, this one, with the following excerpt helping substantiate the above hypothesis:

"...There were at least four U.S. intelligence officers on the passenger list, with rumors, never confirmed, of a fifth. The presence of these men on the flight later gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories, in which one or more of them were said to have been the bombers' targets. Matthew Gannon, the CIA's deputy station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, was sitting in Clipper Class, seat 14J. Major Chuck "Tiny" McKee [1], a senior army officer on secondment to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Beirut, sat behind Gannon in the center aisle in seat 15F. Two CIA officers, believed to be acting as bodyguards to Gannon and McKee, were sitting in economy: Ronald Lariviere, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, was in 20H, and Daniel O'Connor, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus, sat five rows behind Lariviere in 25H, both men seated over the right wing...
....The four men had flown together out of Cyprus that morning. Major McKee is believed to have been in Beirut trying to locate the American hostages held at that time by Hezbollah. After the bombing, sources close to the investigation told journalists that a map had been found in Lockerbie showing the suspected locations of the hostages, as marked by McKee, though this discovery was not confirmed in court..."


This is the hypothesis to which I subscribe and appears to make the most sense, especially since it was subsequently suppressed.

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