Thursday, September 3, 2009


First, an irresistible note about the upcoming, national GREEK strike, militant protests, UNKNOWN in the world's greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation.

And, you should all know the reasons why NOT, by now.

In the land of the Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on the planet, we will not even get a one hour coordinated national strike or militant action for Single Payer Medical health insurance, thanks to our totally corrupt, mafia, Fascist led, anti-Communist international labor union leadership:

But, wait!
"Hope springs eternal in the human breast," especially according to the world of unser present Black Fuhrer, Our Lady/Man of Perpetual Hope or Hopelessness, most current Black resident in the White House.
SOME, a few, of OUR labor rank and file DID demonstrate class Solidarity, Resistance, Unity and Principles, participating in a national, countrywide, general strike.
Problem is/was to do so they had to go to Europe, France in this case!
Nonetheless, Kudos to them!!!:

And now, back to volatile events in the PRIVATIZING, greater Middle East North Africa region, as financial investment specialists like to categorize the area.
The following headline/article speaks for itself.
Need I say more?:
"Middle East Defence Spending to Exceed US$100 Billion by 2014, Says Frost & Sullivan.":

You might want to peruse the Frost and Sullivan website further, as well.

Then, returning to a subject on which I have had many previous posts.
A reminder for our total, complete numskulls, morons, idiots, fake, bogus, ersatz Left, Opposition, etc.
Let me highlight, today, Stephen Austen of the First Persia Fund, Standard Bank of South Africa and many more connections:

And, then, the OBVIOUS, below, a consequence of the numerous exploding contradictions, i.e., KRG/Baghdad/Iran, in what was formerly the healthy, happy State of Iraq, until Iran initiated its first war and invasion, that is:

And, as you may recall, in numerous previous posts, I linked to and highlighted the First Persia Fund.
But, here is a brief biographical excerpt from the First Persia Fund website about Stephen Austen, and, of course, Morgan Stanley, and other well connected NAZI entities, link following:

"...Stephen Austen
Mr. Austen is Managing Director of the Investment Manager and serves as a director of the Fund. Mr. Austen’s career in financial services spans 25 years and included assignments for JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Calyon. Mr. Austen’s experience covers most areas of investment banking including capital markets, equity trading, private equity and credit analysis. Mr. Austen has throughout his career endeavoured to provide GCC investors with innovative financial products. Notably, Mr. Austen was the originator of The Dragon Fund, the first exclusively GCC fund targeted at investment in Asia which Mr. Austen co-established in 1989. Mr. Austen’s involvement in the Iranian financial markets stretches back to 1983 when he was appointed by Lloyds Bank to re-open its representative office in Tehran. Most recently, Mr. Austen was the founding Managing Director and Chief Executive of Future Bank B.S.C., the Islamic Republic’s first overseas banking venture since 1979. Mr. Austen holds a Bachelors degree in Oriental Studies from Oxford University and has been accredited by the FSA, the New York Stock Exchange, the Central Bank of Bahrain and the DFSA..."

End of excerpt, link below, with MUCH further biographical information on other persons of "note" in the First Persia Fund:

And, now, here's a wonderful diagram, flow chart, graph, showing the many, numerous, financial interconnections represented by Stephen Austen, Iran's largest Bank Melli, First Persia Fund, which, by the way, includes investments in Venezuela, i.e., the Latin American battle which has nothing whatsoever to do with Left politics:

Please understand.
Let me repeat and make it loud and clear so there is NO confusion, NO ambiguity, unlike others.
I have absolutely no use, total disdain, disgust, contempt, for ANY of the hired, dishonest, intellectual scumbags, pimps, whores, prostitutes, collaborators, enablers, apologists, rationalizers for this barbaric, primitive, historically counter-revolutionary, anachronistic, retrograde, regressive, MOST OBSCENE reactionary project utilizing NAZI Iran, present day Russia, Europe and all other current global Fascist/NAZI Dictatorships, including, of course, United Suckers and Assholes, ALL masquerading as something other than the barbarians and criminal degenerates they are.

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