Friday, February 5, 2010


"...Hiba Al-Shamaree was arrested and then transferred to the notorious, infamous Al-Kadhimiya prison, the sectarians favorite detention center where formidable torture and executions regularly take place.
She now detained by Nouri Al-Maliki's special forces - guards and secret service men.
As I am writing now, Hiba Al-Shamaree is being tortured, raped and threatened to be killed.
Are you going to do anything about that, in the name of your Democracy?"

I can tell you all, right now, the ONLY way ANY action will emanate from THIS government is to INUNDATE the US State Department, Hillary Clinton's office, with any and all forms of communication, VISIBLE and NOISY OUTSIDE ALL official and UNOFFICIAL US government offices, representative agencies, commercial publications, media, NGOS, etc., anywhere and everywhere on the globe.
ONLY high profile action, PRESSURE, embarrassment, will accomplish anything.
And, then, of course, Iran, as well.
The BOGUS, FAKE, COLLABORATIVE LEFT will do NOTHING to cooperate, absolutely NOTHING, except deny!
Iraq has fallen off the map, as far as they are concerned.

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