Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Before commenting on recent, utterly nauseating and despicable developments regarding Ahmadimidget's Baghdad visit, Iran IN Iraq, first, a statement, a warning to the rest of the globe as to the real meaning, purpose and issues surrounding current US Presidential elections.
In earlier entries from my initial, previous blog, I linked to global, internationalist strategies, a sort of worldwide division of labor, finance and responsibilities elaborated by Thomas P.M. Barnett in his initial book, the "Pentagon's New Map."

(Too many links for him/his writings/talks, so, here's his website: )

As you may recall if you have been reading my blog for some time, October 2005 was when I first forecast a REVERSION back to the former, strategic policies of "trilateralism, internationalism," represented by Kissinger, the CFR, PRIOR to the US 2006 midterm elections, which is precisely what happened, our November Coup, as I called it.
On October 13, 2005, I did an entry entitled, "Silent Coup in Washington."
Since I am unable to link directly back to that post, I will excerpt one link from it, a reminder, from the Jan/Feb 2005 CFR's "Foreign Affairs" magazine.
Note, especially, the following two articles in their journal entitled the "Unwinnable War in Iraq" and "Grand Strategy in Second Term":

Further on the subject, in my February 2, 2006 post, I reconfirmed my earlier analysis from October 13, 2005, with the following official pronouncements, aptly entitled, "Washington's Geostrategic Shift":

What then ensued, as I said in my posts, was an orchestrated, predetermined, November 2006 mid-term Congressional shift represented officially by Democratic victories and their subsequent policy shifts represented above, i.e., a November Coup, which is why there has been and will be no US Presidential impeachment proceedings.
For all THEIR above intents and purposes, the coup already occurred.
For purposes of partisan politics, political posturing, global expediency, it is much more convenient and better to keep the current asinine idiot in the White House, present him as a titular leader, obscure responsibility and blame, with no messy hearings, continuity of government and power, the facade of democracy and so on.
I think others can extrapolate on the possible innumerable unmentioned reasons why such a policy would be politically advantageous, from domestic to global purposes.
Thus, the current US Presidential campaign/election is a continuum of the process begun, above, culminating officially with a new President, a new titular head, whomever it may be.
The following organization represents this clearly:

And their testimony, today, in Congress on "Smart Power...":

This is what is meant by the word "change" that everybody busily tosses around in US Presidential elections.
No matter which Fascist comes to office next, the above is the blueprint, the policy.
It is not new. It is old, but, reconfigured to meet changed global needs.

Now, for Iran in Iraq.
The moronic population in the US is so brainwashed and brain dead by their pseudo-Left, phony opposition, they still can't get it when Iran's Ahmadimidget marches right into the heart of the Green Zone of Baghdad, the middle of Sadr's reign of terror, the Butcher of Baghdad, courtesy of US troops and money.
Mission accomplished!
The spin from our utterly debased, nauseating, hired help and pseudo opposition is predictable, falling in line with the above scenario and narrative.
This was NOT the original plan, say they, and, blame Bush for this "failure."
But, it was/is NOT a failure.
Precisely the opposite.
Where oh where has the "don't bomb Iran" crowd gone as Ahmadimidget marches into Baghdad?
They apparently evaporated into the mist of Ahmadimidget's historic, triumphant visit.
Of course, in reality, this outcome is exactly what had been planned for a long, long time, since the advent of the Iranian revolution, with the help of ALL concerned, the fake US Left, Iran, US money and troops.
For fact rather than fantasy, here's something I posted in 2005, conveniently ignored by all and everyone concerned, not by accident, but, by design on the initiation of the Iraq-Iran war.
As you see, ALL of this plan is coming to fruition:

Thus, the purpose of the US invasion on Iraq with collaboration from both Iranian and Kurdish militias, death squads, etc., is/was to destroy Iraq's secular, progressive, nationalized Pan-Arab Baath Socialist Party, government, military, state institutions and society, the last remaining impediment and bulwark against regional privatization and the last bastion of the Pan-Arab Socialist movement.
Towards this project, EVERYBODY collaborated.
And, still they do.
However, while Americans might be brain dead, people living in the Middle East and nearby parts of the world understand perfectly well what is happening regarding long term US-Iranian collaboration and regional, strategic objectives and the role of Hamas and Hezbollah.
Just a few links:

The repercussions of this policy are going to rebound indefinitely against the US and their Fascist allies.
This is just the beginning.
Significantly, Turkey's military sword of Damocles continues to hang over the KRG like low hanging fruit.
May it fall HARD upon their collective heads, "Turkey's Troops to Go Into Kurdistan Again If Needed":

As I write this, conflicting reports exist that Turkey's military has just resumed air strikes on Kurdistan.
In addition, another major, major, explosive development from Turkey's military,
"Nixing NATO Use in Kosovo":

That's a big story.
Needless to say, NO US pseudo-Left opposition support for any of the progressive positions in Turkey.
Just the opposite.
And, remember Dana Gas?
They're busy supplying Kurdistan:

And, likewise, remember Abraaj:

For those who might have forgotten, Dana Gas and Abraaj entered into a "strategic alliance,"with Hamid Jafar overlapping Board Directorates.
Further, as part of my ongoing coverage of developments in the GCC, "The Greatest Story Never Told," while US/Western stock markets continue to tank, rolling merrily downwards, things are heading up, in the opposite direction, in the Gulf for "high net investors/individuals" at another world Hedge Fund Conference in Dubai:

And, just a note for those of you who can't get enough of the pomp and circumstances and hoopla in the US regarding Obama versus Clinton.
Obama's bubble has burst.
I can safely guarantee everyone Clinton will win the upcoming Pennsylvania Democratic primary on April 22.
Pennsylvania has NO caucuses and NO crossover voting, i.e., Republicans and Independents voting as last minute Democrats, which is how Obama wins so many state caucuses.
Pennsylvania has voting machines, only, and one must be pre-registered in one party to vote in that party's primaries.
Changes in party affiliation go thru official procedures and must be completed BY March 24.
So, Hillary will win the Pennsylvania Democratic primary.
I expect Hillary to get the Democratic nomination.
Then comes Ralph Nader's independent candidacy and whomever else is chosen by the Green Party.
As I have said previously, NONE of these candidates will call for nationalization of anything with the one exception of a government sponsored, national, universal, single-payer health care by both Nader and the Greens.
And, you can rest assured, they will not bring up the subject of Iran in Iraq.
None of the candidates and none of the parties here, no matter who they are, will hold a candle to Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist Party, State and Iraq's 1991 constitution, all of which everybody collectively contributed to destroy.
May they all drop dead and not rest in peace.