Sunday, March 23, 2008


First, our roving US Ambassador at Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal meets with Dick Cheney's daughter, and some others:

Next, following a story reported awhile back concerning plans to liquidate the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr and his militia, as the article notes, after Ahmadimidget's recent Baghdad visit AND I might add, Cheney's meeting with Maliki, "Al-Hakim Formed Badr Awakening Militia":

Why are Sadr and his militia being liquidated now?
I had surmised awhile back, after our November, 2006 mid-term elections, policy shift and coup, that Sadr and his militia presented an impediment to economic "progress" in Iraq and the course of "internationalism."
Sadr and his militia have served their purposes, just as Hitler's Brownshirts were unceremoniously and brutally liquidated after Hitler came to power.
Sadr and his brigades have been exposed for their barbarism, brutality and cruel Nazi like torture techniques.
They're damaged goods.
They are in the way.
They are a liability towards obtaining recognition, "internationalization"and legitimacy for Iraq's "government," bringing back the UN, and creating a theoretical Iraq reconciliation process, "Iraq Reconciliation Conference in Japan on Friday, March 21":

On April 20, Iraq's neighboring countries will meet in Kuwait:

Additionally, there were and will be more Iranian elections, and, as I've also maintained, previously, Ahmadimidget will disappear from the scene for the same reasons while the Rafsanjani crowd will emerge victorious, instead.
And, more on the above,"Today's Puzzle":

Regarding the oil law, "...Iraq Needs Oil Law to Spur Investment":

All of the preceding coincides with escalating Kurdish, PKK separatist violence, tension both in Turkey and northern Iraq:

As well as government arrests and assaults within Turkey on their Leftist opposition, as has been covered in my previous posts and English language Turkish sources.
Further, in early May in Washington, an important upcoming event regarding the impending status of Kirkuk, Article 140, Iraq, Kurdistan:

In case you are unfamiliar with the major attendee and facilitator at this conference, Brendan O'Leary and his background, I will provide just one out of hundreds of links:

Before finishing the subject of Iraq for this blog, one more excellent, contextual synopsis regarding all of the above, Part 1, "Out of the Arab Equation":

Moving in the opposite direction from the US and Middle East, in Russia, "Duma Limits Access to Strategic Assets for Foreigners":

And "Privatization Gets Stuck in Russia":

Three cheers for Russia! Allah Akbar!! Hip, hip, hooray!!