Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In previous posts, I indicated that Sadr would be "liquidated," just as Hitler's Brownshirts, because, after our November, 2006 US engineered mid-term coup/policy shift back to trilateralism/internationalism, then, the Baker-Hamilton Study Group report, Chalabi's meetings in 2006 with both Kissinger and the Bilderberg group in Canada, and, now, as per Cheney/McCain's recent meetings and instructions with Iran's Al-Rubaie, Maliki, etc., Sadr and his Iranian militia have served their purposes, he/they are/were now a liability, damaged goods, an impediment to Iraq's "internationalization" and nominal "reconciliation," a glaring, regional, affront to Iraq's obvious Iranian genocidal Arab policies
(see previous entries about "Cheney urging Arab nations to participate in Iraq")
and the regional repercussions of refugees from the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr's Nazi like tactics, ethnic cleansing, torture, and events unfolding both in the Gulf Arab states and Turkey/Kurdistan.
So, the following, for example:

I also said Ahmadimidget will go down with Sadr, while the Rafsanjani crowd will rise, instead, in Iran, something which was previously scheduled to happen, but, did not.
It was SUPPOSED to have been a Chalabi, Rafsanjani event.
But, this got sidetracked by the Ahmadimidget crowd and Sadr.
There are approximately 40-60,000 troops in Sadrs militia.
I don't know how many are in the other, Iranian controlled militias.
Many thousands, also, I presume.
It will not be necessary to kill all of Sadr's troops to accomplish their goals.
After a few strong attacks, if it becomes clear they are doomed and they are smart, they may well dissolve themselves.
That does not mean they will go away, but, simply become "transformed, born again" like the Nazis did previously, under a new guise.
Somehow, I would doubt they'll fight down to the last man.
Possible, but, highly unlikely.
Now, this gets more interesting.
Layla does a great job, her insights and blogs are indispensable both to me, personally, and the world, in general.
In the following, "The Shiite-Shiite Awakening...or Chalabi's Revenge," (to which I will link momentarily) she speculates about how this all will relate to the upcoming American presidential elections.
She is accurate about a linkage between the Iran, Sadr and Obama campaign.
Not mentioned, but, crucial is the "pro-Islamist" rationalizations, as well. You know, we are "their friends, let's all kiss, hug and make up, the world is one big happy religion," including, of course, Turkey's Fascist AKP.
"We should just be tolerant about Shariah law," etc.,etc.
"Let's be Liberal and understanding of others."
But, just as Sadr's star is sinking (NOT Iran, of course, just the opposite) so too will Obama.
That's why the same group of people is always screaming hysterically about an upcoming war with Iran.
However, regarding the US election, it's a setup.
The fix is already in.
It's McCain who is going to win, courtesy of Obama and, possibly, in addition, Sadr.
The AGGRESSIVE GLOBAL economic, political and military policy, a bipartisan one, above, has already been set into motion, a historical continuum from Hitler and Mussolini and the American National Security Act of 1947.
Obama's campaign is merely a fig leaf, a straw man, a distraction, diversion, packaged as opposition, a phony one, just like Sadr's so-called opposition.
Obama will be decimated in the General Election, IF he gets the Democratic nomination.
And, if he doesn't, he will and has already decimated and discredited the Democratic Party and it's candidate.
His campaign has already blackmailed them.
It's finished.
It's over, the job is done.
It's been predetermined and orchestrated.
That's why you are seeing McCain involved in international politics and meetings, already, like those I previously highlighted regarding Eastern Europe.
Regarding Kurdistan/Kirkuk, Layla's blog is spot on, which is why MORE troops will get involved, not necessarily all American.
The war, as I indicated, is just beginning and will expand.
That's where OUR fake opposition will be helpful, of course, regarding Russia, Kosovo, the Caucasus, on and on.
This is the triumph of a Nazism/Fascism in the US.
This is do or die international capitalism, something Hitler said, but, did not accomplish.
That's why we had our Reichstag Fire, and the meaning of the 9/11 event. The US is a captive nation, with the active help, aid and collaboration of those supposedly in opposition.
But, this time around, historically, there will be nobody left standing to put together the pieces of the US when it is finally decimated.
So, make your plans, tactics and strategies accordingly.
Here's Layla's blog: