Friday, March 7, 2008


Many events occur simultaneously throughout the globe, at the moment.
But, I lead with the above, below, because it nicely encapsulates everything, the canary in the coal mine.
First, the Nazis marching in Lativa:

People reading my blog for some time might recall
their sponsors, collaborators, issues, including our oxymoron US Democratic "peace" candidate, a co-sponsor of the Baltic Caucus in Congress, Rep. Dennis Kucinich.
Reconciling such irreconcilable and contradictory positions of Kucinich as a co-sponsor of the Baltic Caucus with his identification as a peace candidate is no problem if one lives in the US. Just ignore and deny.
Plausible deniability.
Practiced by just about everyone, obviously, from a lowly Congressional Representative, such as Kucinich to the President himself, Bush.
Likewise, our very affable, sociable multi-billionaire, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, US unofficial Ambassador-at-Large and single largest investor in Citigroup, has been busy receiving most everyone of any significance on the planet and Talal has just added to his social portfolio by receiving Lebanon's Fascist former President, Gemayel:

Of course, everyone might recall, it was Citigroup's Siniora who emerged victorious, the new leader of Lebanon, after Lebanon's manufactured Cedar Revolution, Syria's subsequent withdrawal, Hariri's assassination, and, then, courtesy of Iranian sponsored terrorists, Hamas and/or Hezbollah, depending on place and circumstances, provocations and Lebanon's subsequent occupation by US/NATO/EU/UN forces after Israel's invasion.
"If Hamas and Hezbollah did not exist, we would have to invent them," to paraphrase an oft quoted expression.
And, that, precisely, is what happened.
As a reminder of the above interconnections, the following with pictures in case words are too abstract and not sufficient for concrete thinkers:

And, since the Kurdish connection happens to be mentioned, above, here's the latest in this ongoing saga I have been following for some time, "Kurdistan Deepens Ties with British Business...":

Elsewhere on the globe, but, certainly NOT here in the US, strikes in abundance, Germany and France, to name but a few recent ones, with local elections in France threatening to bring down Sarkozy's government election mandate.
Turkey's military continues being recalcitrant regarding Kurdistan in the face of US pressure. Belarus threw out the US Ambassador.
The conflict between NATO expansion and Russia deepens regarding Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo, Serbia, etc.
But, there is good news.
The world's billionaire club has grown.
Forbes Magazine said so.
Adding to the globe's new billionaire list are oligarchs in Russia and China, as well:

It's time we get rid of every one of the people above.
There is one and only one way they become rich, billionaires and millionaires, by privately appropriating society's natural resources and the social means of production and distribution. There is absolutely no other way to make billions and billions of dollars.
It is, pure and simple, theft, outright robbery, sanctioned legally through, with and by state coercion.
Marx analyzed it almost 150 years ago.
It is no less true now then it was then.
Even more so.
Ask any anthropologist.