Monday, March 24, 2008


First, Cheney visits Turkey, ostensibly, to discuss Afghanistan:

Then, further dire comments/warnings by Turkey's "business association" of upcoming"regime crisis," in Turkey:

Lastly, an analogy that is not so good in my opinion, but, nonetheless, at minimum, attempts to demonstrate the historic events taking place within Turkey, impacting everyone around it, which NOBODY here, in our so-called opposition or otherwise, can manage to find, except, of course, my lonely, little blog, "No End in Sight to Mounting Tensions":

All this unfolds against a background of 10,000 Syrian troops amassed on the Turkish-Syria-Kurdish border area where previous Kurdish PKK, independence, separatists were fighting.

And, of course, let's not forget the upcoming, impending Congressional, Armenian genocide resolution in the American Congress, the coup de grace.
So, the 100 years war has begun, destined to become deeper and larger than any one here, at this point, can possibly imagine, since they've been spurred down the path of darkness and complicity by those who supposedly are part of the opposition.
Meanwhile, the speculative Bubble in the Gulf, GCC, states, their investment conferences, Islamic finance, etc., continues rolling merrily along, unabated.
And, by the way, these "states" are busy spending fortunes on military hardware, since, after all, they are all protectorates, client states, of the US/EU/NATO umbrella, military forces, without whom they would cease to exist.
That includes Saudi Arabia.

So, it is one big happy family circle, which, of course, they would like to extend further outwards to the entire Middle East, Caspian and beyond, unless, of course, they are stopped, dead, in their tracks.

On that note, a final reminder: