Tuesday, March 18, 2008


First, an update from my previous post, Republican's secret weapon, Obama.
In my last entry, I indicated Obama deconstructs the Democratic Party, at this point, aside from anything else, by refusing to count/recognize Florida's official Democratic primary election results/delegates, thereby, according to Florida's own State Democratic leader, threatening a mass exodus of Florida Democrats from the Democratic Party and/or major intraparty confrontations.
Afterwards, basically, I heard on TV, a retaliation, blackmail, when another Obama supporter/surrogate threatened, IF Hillary is nominated by super-delegates at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, according to her interpretation, despite the popular vote, then, there will be a mass exodus of black voters out of the Democratic Party to the Republicans!! The Democratic Party can't win the November General Election without Florida, whose primary voted for Hillary and the Democrats can't win the General Election without the Black vote, either.
A Cache-22 conundrum.
This is how McCain and the Republicans can win.
And, should Obama actually get the Democratic nomination, in addition to, or, aside from the Florida State Democratic rebellion, he will be taken down by the sleaze factor, of which there's a-plenty.
This is an example of things to come related to sleaze and Obama, the tip of a very, very deep iceberg, "The Peculiar Theology of Black Liberation." Not mentioned in the following, article, significantly, is the curious role and association with Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, those involved with Malcolm X's assassination:


Now, shifting the subject away from the internecine struggle of the mafia/fascist parties of the US and onto the amazing ramifications of Turkey's EXTRAORDINARY, epochal making, historic developments, completely unacknowledged in the US, for obvious reasons.
Some of the financial, military, political implications after Turkey's court banned and dissolved Turkey's Islamic AKP, "Turkey's Cold is US Pneumonia":


And more on this, "Turkish Assets Hit Hard On Global Concerns & Lawsuit Against AKP":


Then, some of what Turkey's court said, "AKP Installs Shariah Using Democracy," referring to Fascist parties:


Naturally, to be expected, the following response, "US, EU Against AKP Closure...":


What else is new?

All of this is a backdrop to McCain, Cheney, Graham, et.al, recent, unexpected visits to Iraq.
For good, informed, knowledgeable commentary on that matter, I'll link directly to Iraq's English language Arabic reporter-in-exile, "More Unwelcomed Visitors":


And, "Exploding Karbala":


Is it any wonder, then, following from the above and all my many previous blogs, that, "Cheney Urges Arabs to Counter Iran In Iraq."
But, of course, precisely which Arabs and precisely how they should "counter" Iran is the nub of the problem:


This is really comical, isn't it?
And, while on the subject of Saudi Arabia, America's unofficial Ambassador at Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, just added two more countries to the growing social list to which he's been invited, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan:


Additional important points to remember in this unfolding drama.
Turkey's military has refused to participate with NATO/UN troops in Serbia and Kosovo and, now, Turkey's General Buyukanit, Chief of the Turkish General Staff has just indicated, "not one single Turkish soldier will be sent to participate in NATO/UN operations in Afghanistan."

Meanwhile, in Kosovo, intensified violence, fighting and resistance continues, reported everywhere but in the US and missile defense plans also go forward in Eastern Europe.
Related to all these matters, another indicative announcement, an augur of future developments, "Central & East European Coalition Meets With McCain's Foreign Policy & National Security Advisors":


Finally, one more word on America's ubiquitous fake Left.
All labeled American "progressive" coalitions and organizations which have any high profile visibility are a controlled arm, an adjunct, extension of the Democratic program and agenda.
That's why "the propertied establishment, the elite," never feels significantly challenged or threatened.
Presently, there's another such supposed anti-war/peace organization/coalition, "Campaign for America's Future."
See just a little snippet on them from the following:


I'm not going to elaborate further.
The pattern is clear.

Towards these same ends, there's an illustrative case study as to how this all works with internationally well known filmmaker, Michael Moore.
A fascinating Canadian documentary appeared in 2007 exposing Michael Moore's film career, "Manufacturing Dissent."
I would urge people to see this documentary.
I do not want to say much more about it before you have an opportunity to view it for yourself.
I will only add this.
If you've been reading my blog for some time, you will see and hear expressed in this film, quite clearly, a few of the views I've expressed many times in many different ways--there's no Left in the US.
Next, the most egregious and damning criticism of Michael Moore in this documentary, I, PERSONALLY, believe, deals with union and organizing footage and content matter which he intentionally DELETED, edited, cut out from his first film, "Roger and Me."
For me, that says it all.
That was a disaster and more than shameful.
The rest being open to nuance and interpretation.
So, here's the film: