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From the same folks who gave us all the other Big Lies, they continue to ignore the biggest of all Lies, the rise of a Middle East speculative bubble, regional "transformation," nationalist economic enclaves to capitalized ones, "emerging economies," and, thus, renaissance of the speculative dollar.

The same folks who discussed the end of the petrodollar and failed to notice Iran IN Iraq, advanced the bogus peak oil theory, and on and on, also now fail to note significant, contradictory developments represented by the Middle East bubble and GCC states.

The reason what happens in the US and Western Europe becoming irrelevant because another part of the world, this part, that future exorbitant profit margins and the expansion of global, privatized corporate wealth being destined to occur.

The current "enterprise" in Iraq critical because it is a centerpiece of these plans and represents strategic leverage against both China and Russia, as well.
This is why the US and the West has a new found love affair with so-called Islamic finance, a mythological, religiously named entity.
Why not Jewish, Kosher, Christian, or Buddhist finance, perhaps?
In addition, a now expropriated and cheap Middle Eastern labor force can compete or replace China, as the center of the global workhouse and industrial expansion.
Free trade agreements with the greater Middle East already occurring and scheduled to significantly expand.
Virgin territory.
Further, in ever circular fashion, capital that left the US will flow backwards from the Middle East to become reinvested into depressed US industry, real estate, infrastructure and US cheap labor, thanks to the low dollar, unemployment, corrupt unions and an abysmal, abhorrent, fake Left.

So, let me explore deeper just a few of the many interconnections and intersections to the above process, the Middle Eastern bubble, from my previous entry from March 9, 2008, below.

In my March 9, 2008 post, I referred back to a Harvard circle of expropriated Iraqi propertied interests and their "Iraq Project," from Kenan Makiya, Ayad Rahim to Rand Rahim Francke and others.

This is one of the links I used in that post:


Here's more from the ubiquitous Harvard University circle, their Middle East Center and the Harvard Business School, a book about "Dubai and Co.:Global Strategies for Doing Business in the Gulf States," from another Harvard Professor, Aamir A. Rehman, connected to/with all of the above, of course, and, convenient reminder, as well, about the strategic role of the ubiquitous, worldwide, financial octopus, Citigroup:


On Aamir Rehman's own website, following, one can find an "Islamic Finance Program" at Harvard, naturally. The link to Harvard's Islamic Finance Program embedded in one of the articles on the subject on his website, following:


In further developments I highlighted, America's unofficial Ambassador-at-Large, as I've dubbed him, our Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, also, Citigroups largest, single, private investor, recently added to his social list receiving both Pakistan's PM, Aziz, another former Citigroup Executive, as well as Musharraf's son, (be sure to look on right hand sidebar):


Then, following on Eygpt's EFG-Hermes expansion, of which Citigroup also is a partner, and related to events around the former conflict and war over EMG/BG/Israel/PA gas deal, "EFG-Hermes...Reaffirms Middle East as Hub for Foreign Portfolio Investment":


But, I'm glad to see others are also aware of the economic agenda about which I've been writing so much.

In the following, "Hegemony Through Free Trade," the discussion centers primarily around Palestine, but, as you can see from the above and all my entries, Palestine is but one ingredient of a much larger plan:


As for global resistance to all of the above, here's a rundown of items that one will NOT find in the US, ALL dealing with privatization.
First, a belated international women's day acknowledgement.
Bless their hearts and souls, from Turkey,"Public Protest of Privatization":


"Turkey's Unions Call Two Hour Strike on March 14"
(note: the article says April 14. That is a typographical error):


More developments from Turkey.
First, another, better article than that above, regarding the upcoming Turkish general strike:


And, then, additionally, a related, very significant, internal political development in Turkey, "Turkish Opposition Changes Target from Army to AKP":


And, of course, from our friends in Pakistan and their ongoing struggle:


Now, finally, an interesting side note.

Any of the above and alot else certainly could and should be supported by anyone calling themselves Left or opposition, here, in the US.

But, instead, an an example of the utter debased decadence and depravity of what labels itself opposition in the US, even our so-called, progressive, independent Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, who happens to be of Lebanese background and even speaks some Arabic, in the ONLY SPECIFIC policy statement he issued so far on foreign policy, suggests Israel should be negotiating with Hamas!!

Well, here's a response to Mr. Nader and the utter depravity of American politics and society, in general:


Nader has just lost both my support and my vote.
Anybody wishing to contact Nader regarding any of his positions on anything, can go to his website:


And, in a somewhat related, ongoing story to the hypocrisy represented, above, I cannot help but highlight something I came across in the Turkish press regarding the so-called Armenian Genocide vote in the US Congress, "Armenian Terror Leader Visits Capitol Hill":


Here's the event to which they were referring, I BELIEVE, altho, I'm not quite sure:


So, here's the full listing of their events and press releases for this year:


Meanwhile, in the latest episode in the ongoing, filthy, power struggle between the Nazi-Republican sponsored Obama and the other Fascist Hillary in the Democratic Presidential race, New York's powerful former Attorney General and now Democratic Governor, and, supporter of Hillary Clinton, was entrapped in a sex scandal.
Elliot Spitzer, as former NY Attorney General, actually went after some of the powerful names in American finance.
This, in and of itself, would be sufficient to get him eliminated.

In addition, he's supporting Hillary Clinton.

So, after the Clinton campaign dared to expose just alittle bit of the sleaze surrounding Obama, here comes some quid pro quo retaliation.

The mudslinging is just starting.

On the Business Channel, those in the NY Stock Exchange expressed joy at the news.

They hate Spitzer.

Personally, I hope Spitzer does not resign, as he is being pressed to do so. I hope he drives them crazy by refusing to go.

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