Wednesday, March 12, 2008


For those of you unaware of the reference in the above heading, P.T. Barnum's Ringling Brothers Circus was America's greatest circus entrepreneur.
Interesting, isn't it, the Esquire story on Fallon originated from Thomas P.M. Barnett, to whom I've linked numerous times in the past.
The usual spin came out from the same crowd, once again, with dire warnings of an inevitable war with Iran now that Fallon is gone.
Of course, just the opposite is/was the case.
If anything, Fallon might have disappeared or disagreed precisely because of difficulties or concern over Bush/American PARTNERSHIP, collusion, commitment and marriage to/with Iran in Iraq's government, Iranian militias and death squads and the many problems and backlash this policy creates regionally.
The ONLY people who do not know this are the brainwashed Americans. But, everyone else in the entire region is well aware of what's happening. So, as reports exist over clashes with the newly resurrected Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, and his militias:

Another group requests UN intervention in Iraq until new elections can take place:

Should this happen, of course, a present US backed Iranian government in Iraq might just diminish substantially or disappear altogether.
See, for example, the following two articles, "Iraq as an Occupied State at APU Conference":

And "Zebari Criticizes
Arab Diplomatic Representation in Iraq":

Of course, the above two articles merely represent the tip of the iceberg, since they all collaborate in dismembering and privatizing Iraq.

It's curious to me the timing of Barnett's piece about Fallon in Esquire and Fallon's sudden departure came only days after Ahmadimidget visited Baghdad and Iran's alliance with the US in Iraq was SO blatantly and obviously EXPOSED for the world to see.
And, then, shortly after, comes the Esquire piece and Fallon's sudden departure.
It seems to me Fallon's leaving might well be for the complete opposite reasons than that which is being spun, to ensure Iran's continued governmental presence in Iraq and obscure the above.
It's the same purpose served by those who talk about stopping a war with Iran.

Double/triple speak.
Smoke and mirrors, etc.

Of course, this is the way everything around here works.
Although not specifically related to the above subject matter, nonetheless, I feel compelled to include an article at this point by John Helmer in which he discusses the present governmental conflict around revising/limiting Russia's current law and qualifications for foreign direct, i.e., private ownership, of Russia's state natural resources.
Potential implications of these developments are so enormous that I was compelled to include it in my entry, a sort of news alert or news flash:

In the opposite direction, some of you may have heard a little news items about the well placed Carlyle Group losing money somewhere.
But, not in the GCC.
The Carlyle Group, as so many others, invest heavily in the GCC.
Here's alittle article from not too long ago, November 2007, mentioning Carlyle and the GCC, "Opportunities in Islamic Finance," additionally, quoting someone I highlighted from one of my previous entries, March 11, 2008, below, Aamir A. Rehman

associated with Harvard's Business School, Middle East Center and their circle of wealthy Iraq expatriates from Kanan Makiya, Rand Rahim Francke and others on Harvard's Iraq Project:

Depending on which source one reads, the estimated amount of monies projected in this new Middle East speculative Bubble range upwards in the TRILLIONS of dollars!
To die for, literally.