Sunday, March 16, 2008


Obama story at the end.
First, instead, in the latest extraordinary, historic, revolutionary AND completely UN or UNDERreported (in the US) developments in Turkey, Turkish courts just declared their Islamist AKP governing party unconstitutional and banned the AKP from government positions!!!:

Wouldn't we all like to see something comparable in the US?
Meanwhile, as part of the 'greatest story never told," the ongoing events in the speculative, Middle East bubble, America's unoffficial, unappointed, Ambassador-at-Large, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, (the ubiquitous Citibank's largest shareholder) meets with a prestigious Scandinavian business delegation, and, especially, their infamous, Wallenberg family and Talal ALSO meets with the Presidents of both Armenia and Georgia, while Georgia currently has one of its pro forma, UK/US-Berezovksy sponsored election opposition rallies and protests.
But, I can't cover everything.
The patterns should be totally transparent by now, including Tibet:


The UAE's Daman Fund which began only in April 2007, has since achieved appxly 28% total returns in less than a year:

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is the wealthiest Sovereign Wealth Fund with appxly $900 billion in assets:

And, in a very, very important story, Iran apparently will be fulfilling its energy contract to supply gas to the ever growing, private, Dana Gas to/through/with the UAE.
Previously, there had been a price dispute holding it up:

And, the following article notes the obvious, an ORCHESTRATED worldwide economic "recession,"i.e., depression, part of the ever cyclical, boom and bust cycle.
Note, especially, NOT IN THE GULF, where, as I previously said, money will flow backwards in a circular fashion to be reinvested into the same economies and industries from which it previously flowed out and which are now conveniently depressed, bargain basement prices, high unemployment, cheap, non-unionized labor, etc., "US Monetary Policy Could Sink Global Economy...":

Meanwhile, in light of spectacular events in Turkey and Turkey's military conflict with the PKK/Kurdistan, a very important article, "Red Crescent Warns of US Teaming Up with Pershmerga in the Coming Mosul Campaign":

More ethnic cleansing and dislocation to come and, significantly, in my opinion, the urgent necessity to maintain a military counterbalance, a zone of protection and confrontation, to Turkey's growing regional leverage and threat.
This report regarding Mosul and the Peshmerga comes around the same time Republican Presidential candidate McCain makes a surprise visit to Iraq and, within the same month, in McCain's home state, the following fictional narrative and propaganda event occurs, presumably, to rationalize the above, "Halabja Remembered at Arizona State University":

In addition, someone else of note happens to be attached to McCain's home state and Arizona University and a whole lot of other pseudo-Left American groupings, including UFPJ, Iranian propagandist, Moji Agha:

A fictional Halabja narrative and many others are advanced by ALL of those above.

And, speaking of fiction, in returning to her blog from an all too long absence, amongst the many worthwhile entries, I can not help but laugh at the reference to "Muslim" oil in the following:

I guess that's the same mysterious, religiously defined category as "Islamic" finance, about which I've pondered aloud so often.

Finally, regarding the Obama connection to all of the above.
In a previous post, I said there are two American Presidential Republican candidates.
The official one, McCain, and, the unofficial, Republican sponsored Democrat, Obama.
Today, this morning, I was listening on C-Span to the Democratic Minority Leader in Florida's State Senate.
The Democrats are in the minority, not majority, in Florida's State House and, as well, Florida has a Republican Governor, Jeb Bush.
The Florida State Democratic Leader/spokesperson, made the following point clearly, unambiguously, definitively, IF the Democratic Primary delegates from Florida are NOT counted/seated in the upcoming Democratic Presidential nominating convention, there will be a rebellion amongst Florida Democrats in the general election and Republican McCain will win Florida and the General Election.
Without Florida's electoral college representation, the Democrats cannot win the national Presidental race.
For those not following this battle, at present, the DNC, the Democratic National leadership, refused to acknowledge the previous Democratic Primary results in Florida, which Hillary Clinton won, because of a dispute between the State and the National Democratic leadership over the date of Florida's primary, which, as this fellow pointed out, was NOT determined by the State Democrats, but, by the Florida State legislature, a Republican dominated one.
Thus, the Florida Democrats are being punished by the National Democratic leadership for something over which the Florida State Democrats had/have absolutely no control .
This also happened in Michigan.
And, Hillary won both primaries.
Obama's group, of course, does not want to acknowledge/seat/recognize either the Florida or Michigan primary delegates, naturally, since that will effectively give the Democratic nomination to Hillary.
It gets even more complicated.
The idea of a do-over Democratic primary vote was floated, with mail-in ballots for both the Florida and Michigan state Democratic primaries.
This procedure has NEVER been done, tried, before, and, needless to say, there are all kinds of inherent, logistical problems with it and potential for enormous abuse.
The Democrat State Leader insisted the results of Florida (and Michigan's) previous, officially recognized, Democratic state primaries SHOULD be the ones that are counted and their respective delegates seated at the National Presidential nominating convention.
However, it appears, from what he's saying, neither side is budging and nobody has been able to find a satisfactory compromise.
It's a virtual stalemate.
This entire, arcane situation, says both he, and, I, previously, threatens to completely blow apart, split the Democratic Party.
As for the upcoming Democratic primary election in Pennsylvania, April 22, I fully expect Hillary Clinton to win, with a fairly decent margin, as well. So, the question of seating the Democratic delegates from both Michigan and Florida in the National convention will become THE determining factor. Obama is a fictional, created, Republican time bomb waiting to deconstruct in the Democratic Party.
Obama's campaign is totally and completely frivolous, a fake, phony, setup, posing as an "alternative" with no substance whatsoever, like our fake Left, thus, serving as a shill, a diverson, a distraction, a red herring, a straw man, ultimately towards promoting and advancing the one agreed upon, bi-partisan, policy goal and strategy represented by all above.