Friday, March 14, 2008


I highlight the following regarding Turkey because it goes completely unmentioned, unnoted either in our US commercial, corporate media, of course, and/or our supposed, fake, pseudo-Left, state/foundation supported "opposition" media analysts and sources as well.
The coordinated policy of ALL above is/was best demonstrated in my blog of February 20, 2008.
In that blog, I highlighted previous US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's role regarding Milosevic, his International Action Center, the ANSWER coalition AND former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's current role, as well, in India's recent, November, 2007, supposed Anti-Imperialist Conference where he/they passed the following resolutions, in a nutshell, support for Iran, Hizbollah, Nassrallah, Kurdistan and opposition to Turkey. That's all one need remember and know.
Everything else falls into place behind it.
That represents official, state and corporate policies.
Here's the link to that blog entry:

So, following from that analysis, NO SUPPORT, no acknowledgment whatsoever, to be expected for the following.
On the contrary.
All of the above pseudo-Left opposition forces in the US work overtime, in choreographed unison, rationalizing above stated policy goals and blunt, discredit, any possible support, recognition and/or unity with Turkey's opposition forces.
So, for Turkey's general strike, today,
"Turkish Unions End Two Hour [General] Strike to Protest IMF Sought Reforms":

Then, "Nabucco Crisis Pits Turkey Against EU & Azerbaijan":

And, again, in Turkey, "New Barriers to Foreign Capital":

And, lastly, Turkish "Army Fund to Invest Outside Nation for the First Time":

This last one is NOT good news, from MY point of view.
It represents the same stupid policy of our corrupt, mafia trade unions who collude with and invest their employees pension funds into private corporations, here and/or abroad, instead of expanding their now highly limited, national pension system, i.e, Social Security.
However, it appears Turkey's policy, above, represents a new offensive, hardball quid pro quo.
"If we can do it, so can they," so to speak.

Following also from one of my previous posting, more from John Helmer on developments surrounding Russia's proposed, revised foreign ownership natural resources law, Russia's Norilsk Nickel and American-Australian international conglomerate BHP Billiton:

Back in this country, the US, the stock market continues its decline, unemployment rises and everybody flounders around like fish flapping out of water, screaming, yelling, not knowing what to do.
Maybe they should take a lesson from Turkey's workers and opposition?
Of course, things are different in the GCC. Remember EFG-Hermes?
Well, their newly minted hedge fund has risen a whopping 20% in the last 4 months:

As I said on a previous blog, in typical, circular fashion, the same capital currently fleeing the US will subsequently be reinvested via the newly organized funds, represented above, when US stocks have hit their bargain basement prices, along with its now cheap dollar and equally cheap, unorganized, barely unionized, labor force.
Welcome, suckers, to so-called "Third World" economies.
On this final note, here's a reminder from another, related blogspot: