Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here's some news you will not get elsewhere, news "not fit to print," regarding Iranian Ahmadimidget's recent Baghdad visit and red carpet treatment.
NOTE, in the following, the reported presence of Muwaf(f)ak Al-Rubai(e) at the meeting between Ahmadimidget, Maliki and, apparently, Al-Rubaie:

On the significance of Al-Rubaie's reported presence at the above meeting.
At my first blog, on October 6, 2007, karlmarxwasright, I reported on "National Security Advisor,"Muwaffak Al-Rubaie's featured presence and speaking engagement at the "prestigious," quintessential, US Establishment think tank, CSIS, on October 5, 2007, regarding,
"The Future of Iraq."
Since my previous blog is blocked to the public for reasons beyond my control, I will link, instead, as a reminder, directly to the organization's website and Rubaie's talk/speech at the CSIS.
At the following link, you have the option of accessing Rubaie's talk either by transcript and/or audio/visual, and, please, it's important to read/listen to the question and answer session following Rubaie's prepared comments:,com_csis_press/task,view/id,3268

Further, I had another link in my October 6, 2007 post which I will also provide, once again, directly, on Al-Rubaie's background:

Interestingly, a simultaneous development.
A new biography of Chalabi emerges:

Since the Chalabi bio is new, I ASSUME it is a FULL, not a partial, background and accounting of the Chalabi family's former, extensive property holdings in Iraq, their regional dynasty, financial, political and economic interconnections, including OPEC, their ties to ALL other named, appropriated propertied interests in Iraq and elsewhere.
For example, those in the Harvard circle project like Kenan Makiya, Ayad Rahim and Rand Rahim Francke, amongst others, and their "Iraq Project":

If the new Chalabi book does NOT explore all this, it is simply another whitewash, serving partisan political purposes and extended historical fiction, rather than fact, once again. Additionally, as I reported, again, on one of my previous blog entries from June 17, 2006, on my previous post, BOTH CHALABI AND KISSINGER, amongst others, attended the June, 2006 Bliderberg Conference in Canada.
From that previous entry, two links regarding that event, the first one has a complete list of those who attended the meeting:,htm#spreadsheet

The second, brief press release notes both Kissinger and Chalabi's unusual presence in particular:

The date and timing of the 2006 Bilderberg Conference and Chalabi's notable, unusual presence along with Kissinger, amongst others, was important to me in reference to the events and chronology I described in my previous post, below, from March 5, 2008, regarding the lead up to the orchestrated "November Coup (midterm elections) of 2006."
These connections and events are characteristically bipartisan in nature.
To miss the preceding point, and the ex-appropriated Iraq propertied circle which Chalabi represents, par excellence, is to miss everything.
See my previous blog, below, from March 5, 2008, for a recapitulation,
"US Global Engagement, Iran Annexes Iraq..." or, use the following direct link, instead:

Even more curious, considering all of the above, depending on which source one reads, Sadr, the Butcher of Baghdad's apparent disappearance over the last few months either, from the propaganda mouthpiece of Newsmax, he is near death from food poisoning and under medical treatment in Iran, or from the other propaganda source, the BBC that he is studying religion!

PERHAPS, we might paraphrase, conclude, "news of his [political] death is premature?"
Maybe not.
Meanwhile, as for the US Presidential circus, two Republican sponsored and financed Presidential candidates co-exist in space and time, the official one, the Republican McCain and the other, unofficial one, Republican strategist, Karl Rove's Democratic orchestrated Obama campaign and Obama's Nazi type rallies.
That's a Republican win-win.
The ONLY question still remaining in my mind is Obama being set up in order to be taken down in the General Election?
Another October surprise?
Alot of us think so.
Obama's got lots of deep, mafia money pockets supporting him, from Ruppert Murdoch to mafia unions, a long laundry list, including his advisers.
As others besides myself note, Obama wins primarily caucuses in states that have traditional Republican majorities.
Lots of Republicans openly and proudly telephone into C-Span claiming they're voting for Obama.
They think it's just fine and dandy to keep Hillary off the ballot.
So, it doesn't take much to put two and two together, following in the tradition and disinformation of Nazi collusion and collaboration between Nazi Iran and the Nazi US in Iraq, above, or, the other Nazi/Fascist state under guise of democracy, Kosovo/greater Albania, or, for that matter, the various "colored revolutions" in Eastern Europe.