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I took my post heading today, above, from an article about Middle East PRIVATIZATION, economic integration and its expansion to which I will link below.
THE people and article above/below understand fully the ULTIMATE purpose, objectives of their activities and goal.
Too bad for everyone else.
So, the first strategic shoe fell, Iraq's s-election process and, AS I FORECAST AND PREDICTED from Clinton's MECATAC, Mashhadani, crowd, Allawi was anointed winner and Iraq's new PM.
For PR, fig leaf, propaganda purposes, the international community now can declare illegitimate ANY attempts to undermine or overthrow Iraq's elected government and its official winner.
The next stage in the Middle East regime change and congruency scenario, as I have said all along, NAZI Iran so that Iraq's present Iranian oil minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, disappears, along with all vestiges of their leverage and control in the region.
For some time now, an ONGOING, CONTINUOUS, DESTABILIZING CAMPAIGN IN AND SURROUNDING NAZI IRAN exists which intensifies, AS FORECAST by ALL concerned, predictably, with current events unfolding in Iraq.
US President, Secy of State, Hillary Clinton has been globe trotting during all this time, meeting with everyone and anyone she can find, making backroom bargains, deals, blackmail, extortion, pretzel contortions, etc. regarding cooperation on Iran sanctions.
By the way, it occurred to me that preventing refined gasoline from reaching Iran, aside from being a domestic commodity, ALSO is a military liability.
Thus, a full scale, destabilizing, covert and overt coup, regime change operation exists both inside and outside Iran, to which I have linked numerous times, replete with high level penetration, assassinations, etc.
So, when, for example, Mr. General Nebuchadnezzar discusses, below, what's to happen in Iraq, he fails to note THE ABOVE FACTORS IN ADDITION.
It is simply missing in most every one's analysis.
Everyone focuses on ONE OR THE OTHER, never adding all together.
As if Iraq were standing in splendid isolation.
It is TOTALLY impossible and inconceivable for the US and their allies to allow Iran's Revolutionary Guards to control the strategic, vital Arab Gulf waterways and its corresponding economic interests.
One cannot have, as I have stated repetitively AND the link below reaffirms, a "holistic" approach to Middle East economic integration and privatization and a free trade zone while SIMULTANEOUSLY a contentious, disputed situation and WARFARE exists smack in the geographic and economic middle of it all.
In addition, Turkey's military has MADE CLEAR they will NOT tolerate a divided Iraq and/or an independent Kurdistan. That means Kirkuk.
Turkey's military will INVADE. They will take action.
They have promised such.
Thus, as I have said in ALL my many previous posts, ALL FACTORS COMBINED TOGETHER make an explosion, an intractable conundrum.
NO DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION exists to the above.
Only a military one.
As a General and military man, Mr. Nebuchadnezzar, although spot on in many cases, should, however, understand the notion of military strategy, subterfuge and ruse.
One does NOT announce strategy, plans, intentions, to the world.
So, I cannot predict HOW and WHAT particular provocation or tactics PRECISELY will be utilized as a spark to eliminate, confront, defuse Iran's present Revolutionary Guard and their interests both in Iraq and Iran.
What appears evident to me, at least, is some sort of DESIGNATED provocation to coincide with an internal Iranian coup.
Iran's Revolutionary Guards are military pipsqueaks.
The ONLY leverage they have is Iraq, primarily, and their financed groups elsewhere in the Middle East.
Of course, this was already tested in Yemen.
As for an Israeli strike, it is possible, but, it would entail a coordinated internal and external military response and cascade of events.
Since IT is constantly being announced, I do not put too much emphasis on it. It is not reliable.
I am always reminded of the WWII Normandy D-Day invasion RUSE.
Everybody KNEW it was coming, but, a WELL orchestrated campaign of disinformation made it appear the place of invasion was somewhere other than the beaches at which it actually occurred.
That's why I do and can NOT second guess specifics of military strategy, targets and tactics.
As for timing, obviously, it must be relatively SOON, that is, within THIS YEAR and the upcoming months.
This cannot be dragged out much longer.
I pronounced Unser NAZI Fuhrer Obooma and Democrats DOA, Dead On Arrival, so, they can go down with the ship and be sacrificed, blamed, as necessary.
They and he are totally irrelevant, expendable and expedient.
So, first, here is Mr. General Nebuchadnezzar's blog, to which I referred above:


Then, the article about a Holistic Approach to the Middle East:


And, to re-emphasize MY and THE POINT of this entire Iraq, Middle East adventure, above/below, another article (amongst thousands) privatizing 240 State owned Iraqi firms.
THIS is THE/THEIR STATED, strategic purpose, goal.
Quite frankly, it is irrelevant to me whether or not they use Martians or manufactured NAZI created Aryan Iranians, former Persians, to achieve their STATED, STIPULATED purposes.
And, quite frankly, almost everyone, ALL who help, participate, collaborate, collude in denial and disinformation in this adventure, deception, from the dissolution of the former USSR to NAZI Iran's occupation of Iraq and so on SUCK.
You are ALL equally complicit and compromised:


Oh, yes, a domestic footnote to add to the obscenity above.
Guess who is/was JUST assigned to sell United Suckers and Assholes government Treasury, SO-CALLED ownership, investment shares of Citigroup, which YOUR taxpayer dollars bought?
If you did not IMMEDIATELY guess the correct answer to the preceding question you really are stupid morons and idiots, which you are, aside from doormats, also.
Who else??

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