Sunday, March 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I did a post regarding an UPCOMING, April, 2010, investment ForumdeParis at the Paris Stock Exchange.
I will link to that post, again, below.
But, I thought I would provide a few background links first to what has been labeled a NEW "Union for the Mediterranean."
And, of course, its inherent conflicts.
Much more French information is available on the internet, but, I stuck with English.
One of the reasons I mention it now, again, is the possibility being floated about establishment of a NEW INVESTMENT BANK dedicated to facilitating THE PURPOSE OF THIS UNION.
The significant names to remember in regard to the potential new bank are Henri Guaino, a member of Sarkozy's "team," and, Charles Milhaud.
I have a link for Charles Milhaud below.
You can search for Henri Guaino yourself.
So, I thought I would introduce the subject matter with an amusing twist from 2008 for those who prefer their information with Biblical, theological or astrological spin, I suppose.
Their basic, fundamental analysis is correct, minus the gratuitous theological deux ex machina:

And, then, a few more sketchy, thumbnail details from some non-Biblical and unsanctimonious real politik sources:

And, a link regarding the decidedly non-Biblical Charles Milhaud:

Lastly, my previous irreligious post:

And, my first, earlier entry for today...

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